Creative Dialogue

A cacophony of bells ring throughout the store as the front door opens and a man walks in. The cashier, Stella, looks to see who has entered the building but only captures a glimpse of a disheveled, black overcoat quickly swerving through aisles. ) Rose: Hello? Sir, may I help you find something? (Stall’s question remains unanswered by the mysterious man. She leaves the cash and attempts to locate him. ) Rose: Sir, we have a wonderful selection of sale items on the rack here, would you like to take a look? (A large, firm set of claws grips Stall’s neck.

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She screams for dear life and tears begin to dampen her face. Seconds later, her voice is suppressed by thick slabs of masking tape. ) Will: Keep quiet! (Will looks into Rose’s eyes and sees fear and hopelessness consuming her. His glossy scales are a deep shade of red. Then, suddenly, he stops collecting merchandise from the shelves and kneels down beside her, slowly removing the tape from her face. ) Rose: (Rose is breathing heavily and looks deeply into his eyes. ) Why—why did you attack me? Will? What have you become?! You are a monster! Take your—slimy hands off me! Will: My Rosier, calm down, please.

As you can see, I have changed quite a bit, but I feel empowered being such a large, ferocious creature. I used to be so puny and insignificant in everyone’s lives, but now, I am the star of the show creating chaos and excitement. Rose: Get out of here! I thought you were better, I thought you were different, but you are Just a beast! (Will looks at her with a painful expression and lightly touches her flushed cheek. ) Will: All I wanted was to be with you. I Just didn’t know how to behave. I was stupid and immature. Rose: Well, obviously little has changed since you have morphed yourself into a We wasted our time being together.

You need help. (Will begins to weep and holds his head in his callous hands. ) Rosier: Will, listen to me, now, more than ever, we need to be adults, not animals. Let me get you some water. (Rose exits the room and gets Will a tainted glass filled with water. Will breaths deeply, trying to understand what he has become. His eyes flicker toward the shelf and he finds a large map of the globe. He unravels it and places it on the floor. Rosier re-enters the scene and is perplexed when she finds him curled up next to it. Will: Rosier, come here, look at this. When I look at this map I see potential, hope, exploration and love.

I could have been so much more, Rosier, but you always held me back. I could have conquered the world! (A wave of rage overpowers Will. He smashes his glass of water and it splatters across the map. A myriad of colors begin to trickle down the tainted paper and it slowly transforms into a grey and white slab. Soon, Rose notices the color from her hands begin to fade and the store around her evolve into a colorless abyss. ) Will: IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! DAMN you, ROSE! (Rose lets out a blood-curdling scream and grabs her husband’s meaty arm. ) Will: Rose, what’s wrong now!? Rose: I had another dream.

Will: God, Just go too shrink or something and tell him about it. I haven’t slept in weeks because of you. You know what, I am fed up with this. I am sleeping on the couch until you become sane. Rose: It was about you. Will: I don’t care, Rose. It’s 2 a. M.! Rose: I have been having the same dream for two weeks. I don’t care how tired you are; we are going to talk about it now. I can’t believe I let this happen for so long because it must mean something… Will: Make your very important story a quick one because I was in the middle of a dream myself and I want to get back to it, if you didn’t ruin it already.

All I have to say s, thank God for dreaming! It’s the only interesting part of my day. Will: What I mean is, I like to dream! It’s that simple. Why are you always looking for such a deep answer from me? I am not a poet and I sure as hell am not a philosopher. Go bore someone else with all your questions. Forget this, I am going to bed. Rose: William! Get over here! Tell me what are you dreaming about. Will: Honestly, I don’t think you really want to know. Rose: Well, I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t want to know, would I? Let’s hear it, I am not going to wait forever. Will: God, you are so pushy and suck the color and life out of everything!

I can’t stand Rose: Stop it with all of your hysterics and summarize the dream. Will: (Will releases a low grumble and hesitantly speaks. ) Like five minutes ago I was dreaming about robbing a store and finding a box full of drugs, alcohol, and gold, my favorite things in life, well, besides you, of course. That’s it. Happy now? I am going to Rose: I shouldn’t have asked. Will: God, you are so sheltered and boring! Rose: Excuse me? Will: Forget it. Night. Rose: I am going to take a sleeping pill. I have a twelve-hour shift tomorrow at the pet store. Will: Do whatever you need to do to. Sweet dreams…

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