Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast: They were two completely different players. One a keeper, and the other a striker. But in this moment they both had one goal, to defeat the other. As the striker approached at full speed, the keeper matched his movements. Finally from the 12 yard line he kicks the ball. Sending it to the top left corner, the keeper dives and deflects the ball above the crossbar. Cause and effect: Lately Billy has been working full time, and going to school. He works at the lumber mill making furniture.

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It’s hard work, but Billy needs the Job to support his mother and sister. Because of all his hard work at the lumber mill he hasn’t been able to focus on school. Due to his lack of focus he is failing. This is his last chance at school. If he fails out its all over. Order of importance: John got beat up at school the other day. Because he was talking badly about Chris. Then he stole Chris’ sweatshirt. After that he tested Chris’ girlfriend flirting with her. Lastly in the parking lot he threw a rock through Chris’ windshield, and the irreverence cameras caught him.

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