Communicative Lesson Plan – Demonstrative Pronouns

Materials A. Visuals/Handouts B. Other Items C. References UP Dilemma Maps (retrieved from the UP Dilemma Website: http://www. Upped. Du. PH/Campus manipulated-brochures of different tourist spots (Launderette, Intrapulmonary Santiago, National Museum) Handouts containing itinerary guides (see appendix) ‘V. Procedure (10 minutes) For this part, the students will have an activity. The teachers announce the activity and its mechanics. Before the students arrive, there are already hidden maps around the College of Education.

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The class begins with a game called The Amazing Race. The class will be divided into four (4) teams. Each of them will be given a map to search for treasures (see Appendix for clues and script). Once they find the treasure, they can go back to the classroom. The first team who comes back receives a special prize. After the activity, the teacher briefly explains that tourist spots are distinct places which reflect the culture and history of that place and a country on a larger scale. To become good tour guides, they must be well-versed in the history and significance of a place.

To be able to serve tourists well, they must have a basic competency of using the English language. Eventually, they will be involved in touring exchange students. These foreign dentures interested to go to different places in Manila. Their task is to tour them around an assigned place, for example is Fort Santiago. They will be provided brochures and some information about the place. B. EXPAND actual touring, outside the classroom, guiding the tourists around UP and sharing some info using the demonstrative pronouns C.

The boy points to a tree in front and says this: The thing you are looking for is behind THAT tree. Itinerary Guides for UP Deliveryman’s) Area 1 (Group 1) Oblation Park, Lagoon and Questionable College of Mass Communication College of Music Area 2 (Group 2) College of Arts and Letters Palmdale (Susceptibilities (College of Education) Gonzalez Hall (Main Library) Area 3 (Group 3) Vanilla’s College of Business Administration School of Economics Beta Way Malcolm Hall (College of Law) Melancholic (College of Engineering)

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