Commercial Analyisis

Commercial Analysis BY fieldstone Analysis of Television Advertisements Introduction For this paper we will look at and analyze five different commercials that you would see on television while watching your favorite television program. You-tube was used to access and evaluate the commercials since I do not have access to cable television. Discussion of Commercial 1 and Application of Theories The first commercial I viewed was the Luvs diapers breastfeeding commercial.

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The commercial begins by showing a woman breastfeeding her newborn child under a urging cover and then shows her openly breastfeeding her second child without a cover. I think one of the things that is being valued in the commercial is family. It is also bringing awareness to public breastfeeding; an issue that has been coming up more and more in the media recently. The slogan for the commercial is “first kid, second kid. By their second kid every mom is an expert and more likely to choose Luvs. (Luvs, Luvs breastfeeding) According to the textbook “the first and most important function is that of reproduction. Families are in charge of reproduction to keep the society going. (Samovar, 2010, peg 59) This particular commercial shows that this woman has completed or fulfilled the first and most important function of the family. Discussion of Commercial 2 and Application of Theories The second commercial that was analyzed was a commercial for Jiff Peanut Butter. In this commercial it shows a father and daughter interacting with each other.

The father is building a tree house for his daughter, who in the middle of the commercial runs off to make her dad a sandwich. This commercial uses the slogan “choosy moms… And dads choose Jiff’. (Clark, Anna Clark: Jiff peanut butter commercial) Within our world today, the “media most often represents boys and men as active, adventurous, powerful, sexually aggressive, and largely uninvolved in human relationships and represents girls and women as young, thin, beautiful, passive, dependent, and often incompetent. (Samovar, 2010, peg 171) Although this commercial is about a father and a daughter I thing it does show how the media bewilderedly

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