College Vertebrates

Life as a minority isn’t easy because at the start I am already one step behind. Growing up my family didn’t have a lot of money. My parent’s decided that they wanted to give me the best education possible to them so they put me in a private school the majority of my life. During this time I learned to appreciate my education and to work as hard as I can. I often have many questions on my mind and I always want to find the answer. I am a great thinker because when problems arrive, I always think of ways to solve them. Although, many have a part to do with who I am, my experiences are the main parts that made me.

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When under pressure, I do not crack I am persistent and determined to achieve the maximum. I am a relaxed and funny person who gets along with the entire world and those who have conflicts with me end up changing their minds when they get to know me. I have learned many things from school and I will love to learn a lot more in college. If I were to be accepted into this college, I would keep the spirit alive. I am a person of my word and I will do anything to keep it. I am very young but I have wise thoughts and think about my future. I believe I can do far more than my ancestors and that one day I will be successful.

My father has been a great role model because he will do anything in order for me and my sisters to have a better life then he did and I appreciate that. This is why I am determined to do the best with my education. I would be an addition to your college, as I am a hard worker and a determined person. Even when I’m down I always get right back up and finish my goal and achieve greatness. My moral is great and I bring other peoples moral up. When people need help they come to me for advice and the majority of the time it helps them. I Just like to see other people happy and enjoy myself.

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I'm Samanta

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