Cnc router

Working area Spindle motor eke/eke/4. Eke Inverter-driven spindle motor cooled by water (or air for option) Working mode Stepper motor Control system ADS off-line control panel with USB interface(IAMB) or PICNIC control system Drive mechanism Gear-wheel on x,y axis Table surface Vacuum table and T-slot extrusions Frame Wholly steel structure Motion positioning accuracy В± 0. 03/rennin Repositioning accuracy В± 0. Mm Max motion speed 50,mm/min Max engraving speed 30,mm/min Rotating speed of spindle 2,ramps Z-axis setting

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Auto Z origin tool high sensor Dictate format G code, *. Oho, *. MGM , *. Plat Operating voltage phase iv Software Type original with Dongle or Went (Article ), Retract software Packing size 3350X1950X1990rnm Lubrication system Oil lubrication system PURPOSE CNN woodworking machine features a 2000*mamma wood CNN router. It offers a Max. Working speed up to mm/min, square rail, rack gear and high accuracy. The efficiency. It has CE certificate. The CNN woodworking machine can be used in the furniture processing industry, decoration, wooden art crafts, wood furniture engraving.

The CNN router used today utilizes computers and specialized software to control the router during the manufacturing process. The new technology allows you to produce extremely accurate end products at a high rate speed and at affordable costs. CNN ENGRAVING X Working Area 1 sooner Y Working Area running Z Working Area mm m Table size 130012500mrn Traveling Positioning Accuracy В±O. Mm Repositioning Positioning Accuracy Table Surface By suction X,Y Z Structure XX gear wheel, Z ball screw Max. Power Consumption(Without spindle) IOW Max.

Rapid Travel Rate mamma/min Max. Working Speed mamma/min Spindle Power Motor 4. EKE Spindle Speed 0-error,’t-NT Drive System Stepper/Servo Working voltage ACCEPT/GHZ Command engraving system can mill, drill, cut, engrave and route different types of wood such as Cedar, Fir, Pine, Redwood Ash, Birch, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Poplar, Walnut and more. From cutout letters and dimensional signs to cabinets, doors and furniture, the CNN machines offer the flexibility and capability needed for many wood working projects. Calls CNN ROUTER

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