Churchgoers: Religion and Socially Exemplary Individuals

Nobody Perfect There are many religions all over the world today including: Christian, Catholic, Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. People who believe in these religions will often go and worship at a church at some point in their lives. All people who follow these religions have one thing in common, they strive to keep the faith and be perfect for their gods each and every day. But why is it that others perceive and expect someone who keeps a faith and attends church to be perfect?

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Though they try, all churchgoers cannot possibly be perfect. There are many things in day to day life hat cause them to wander from the straight and narrow path. Things such as: other peoples beliefs, actions, and ways of life can take a toll on the common believer and churchgoer. There are many things and examples that can explain why a churchgoer cannot always be perfect. With all the religious and nonreligious people in this world, it is hard to find a common ground on what is right and wrong.

By human nature we are imperfect, but still there is Judgment towards those who choose to keep a faith. Churchgoers do not place themselves on a pedestal nor act as if they are almighty, it is others who create this negative persona of churchgoers. Nonbelievers will do anything they can to smash religion or any idea of a higher power, because of this believers are often watched Black 2 and criticized for every mistake they make.

I believe that we all, religious or not, are striving to be perfect and that there is extra pressure placed on the churchgoers shoulders to do so. The reality is churchgoers do not think of themselves as perfect in any way, for they think of themselves as forgiven. There are special seats in this world for the imperfect, they are called pews. There are many things and examples that can explain why a churchgoer cannot always be perfect. Churchgoers are often regarded as socially exemplary individuals, I. E. People worthy of following as an example. They are watched like hawks by those who discriminate against religion. People need to realize that, since the beginning, to keep the world spinning, it takes all kinds of kinds. Churchgoers are a united group who all have the same desire to seek forgiveness and live their lives for their god. Judge the religious for their sins or mistakes as you please, but I heard that, Jesus, he drank wine and I’d bet we’d all get along Just fine. Churchgoers: Religion and Socially Exemplary Individuals By corruptible

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