Chinese Cinderella

She is asking her Aunt Baby if she has any knowledge of her birth mother. Aunt Baby sits Deadline down on the bed, in a room that they share, in a beautiful house in Tannin, China. Baby explains the death of Deadline’s mother, but Deadline notices that Baby is quite uneasy about the subject and ends the conversation. Question 3: What does this excerpt reveal about the character(s) in this book? What is your opinion of the character(s)? Use textual evidence to substantiate your claim. In this excerpt, I quickly realize the maturity level of young Deadline.

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She says herself, that, even though she was only four years old, she noticed that her Aunt Baby was uneasy about the subject and quickly ended the conversation. Question 8: this passage is similar to a time in my life when… This passage is similar to a time in my life when my sister got in a terrible car crash she was five years old. When she was in the hospital, my family was told that she was paralyzed from the waist down. I asked my sister why she wasn’t racing and Jumping with me anymore. When I asked her this question she became very uncomfortable, and she told me that God turned her legs off.

From then on, I continue to support and help her with anything she needs. Page Range: 42-84 Entry 2: “There was no doubt about it. In no time at all, Big Sister had completely gone over to the other side. ” (Amah 51) Question 5: I really don’t under stand why… I really don’t understand why Big Sister, the eldest child, abandoned her siblings. She was by their sides, helping them plot and plan away to seek revenge on their stepmother. But ass soon as the stepmother started favoring her; she left her blood sibling high and dry.

I think the message the author is trying to convey is how people and even those closest to you may betray you. It is sad to see that the siblings betrayed each other. I believe that the bribery forces Big Sister to betray, and she was wrong to do so. Question 10: This passage is, quote or excerpt is significant… This passage is significant because before Big Sister betrayed her younger siblings, she was planning to help them write a letter of concerns to their father. During the planning their step mother, Inning, eavesdropped on them and started to favor Big Sister more.

Big Sister eventually betrayed all of her younger siblings Just because she was receiving favors from her stepmother. Entry 3: “l should Just go to school every day and carry inside me this dreadful loneliness, a secret I could never share. Otherwise it would be over and father and Inning would never come to love me. ” (Amah 55) Question 2: How would you summarize the idea expressed here? In this passage, you see how Deadline is desperate for her parents to notice her. She notices early on that her remarkable academic skills spark her father’s attention.

So she will continue to do well in school so that her parents will love her. I don’t understand why her father and stepmother hate Deadline so much. I also don’t understand why they are blaming her for her mother’s death. She did not force her mother to have an extremely high fever. It is saddening to see how cruel they are to her. Question 6: I agree/disagree wholeheartedly with the idea/statement… I agree wholeheartedly with Deadline’s plan. I believe that she does not deserve the punishment and cruelty that her father and stepmother is giving her.

I believe that if she does well in school, her parents will notice and love her. Page Range: 84-122 Entry 4: “Big Sister is only seventeen years old and Samuel is already thirty-one, almost twice her age. When I get to be seventeen, I sure don’t want to be taken out of school to marry to whom Vive Just met! Especially when he is so much older. ” (Amah 86) In this particular scene, Deadline is processing her sisters arranged marriage. She is home with her family and her step-mother announces that Big Sister is getting married.

Deadline is appalled by the fact that her sister is getting married at seventeen, and to a man who is almost twice her age. I really don’t understand why Inning and Father arrange for their seventeen year old daughter to be married at such young age. And I also don’t understand why they would arrange for her to be married to a man that is so much older than her. I believe that her parents should not have a choice to which she wants to marry. I agree with the statement that a young girl should not be married off to a man that she does not know.

I believe that Big Sister should at least be able to finish high school before being married off to Samuel. I also agree with Deadline that when I get around Big Sister’s age, I won’t be planning on getting married any time soon. Page Range: 122-149 Entry 5: “l can’t imagine why you don’t reply. You have no idea what it’s like. To be alone here makes me very sad. At night I lie awake for a long time and stare at the empty beds in my dormitory, laid out next to each other like little tombs. ” (Amah 134) In this scene, Deadline is in a boarding school in Tannin.

She is the only pupil there because soldiers are invading cities and Tannin Just might be the net one. So many parents are taking their daughters out of the boarding school to flee to a safer place. Deadline is writing to her Aunt Baby and she is telling her how sad she is, and how she hopes her aunt will write back to her. I believe that the message the author is trying to convey is that her parents abandoned her and dropped her off at a boarding school in a random country. In her letter I believe that she feels betrayed by her aunt because she never wrote to her.

Her aunt was the only person who truly cared and loved Deadline. Question 9: If I were (include the character’s name), OR: If I were (specify the situation/dilemma, etc. ) I would have said/done… If I were Deadline in this situation, I honestly don’t know what I would have done different, I would have done the same she did. I would have cried and I would antique to write to Aunt Baby in hope of a reply. I would feel the same emotions and continue to work hard so that my parents would be proud. And pray that someone will rescue me. Age Range: 149-160 Entry 6: “l dared not reply but thought, “What could be worse? ” All this time I was quacking at the thought of what Inning would say when she saw me. ” (Amah 155) In this passage, Deadline, the narrator, is being picked up from SST. Josephs by her aunt. But this was not the aunt she was hoping for. She was being picked up by Inning sister, without Inning knowing. She was trembling at the thought of Inning ending out about her ‘escape’. She already knew that Inning does not love her, and what will she think of her now that she is doing something with out her step mother’s consent.

I really don’t understand why Aunt Rein, Inning Sister, was picking her up without her sister knowing. I know that during that time period they were are not as technologically advanced as we are today, but she could have at least written a letter ahead of time to see if she had permission to take Deadline out of SST. Josephs and go to Hong Kong. Question 9: If I were (include the character’s name), OR: If I were specify the situation/dilemma, etc. ) I would have said/done… If I were Deadline, I would have felt the same way. I would be extremely nervous and scared of what Inning would do to me.

I know that even though, aunt Rein took Deadline, Inning will still blame it on her. Even though Deadline had no say in Rein taking her. Reading Log for Fiction Sydney V. Best Title: Chinese Cinderella; The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter Author: Deadline Yen Amah page Range: 160-179 Entry 7: “Is this part of her trick to abandon me in the orphanage of her trick to concentrate on what she’s saying. Good heavens! She is congratulating on my good luck because the sisters are making an exception. I am being admitted as a boarder even though it’s the middle of the school year!

Did she say ‘boarder’? My heart is singing and I can hardly believe my good luck. There is a God after all! ” (Amah 161) In this passage, Deadline was unexpectedly told to pack her belongings and to drive off with Inning and Fourth Brother at once. She had no idea where she was going, and did not dare ask. When she arrived at her destination, she noticed it was a boarding school and orphanage. She did not know which of the places Inning would choose to UT her in. She was grateful and shocked that Inning put her in the boarding school. She rejoiced and was thankful of Inning decision.

Question 9: If I were (include the character’s name), OR: If I were (specify the situation/dilemma, etc. ) I would have said/done… If I were Deadline, I would have reacted in a similar manor. I would be extremely grateful that my parents were not dropping me off at n orphanage, but were kind enough to let me attend the boarding school. I will also be grateful that the sisters at the boarding school were kind enough to let me attend, even though it was the middle of the school year. If I were Deadline in this situation, I would agree with her excitement.

I would rejoice because my parents did not send me to the orphanage. I would be grateful that the nuns are letting me attend the school even though it was the second term. Reading Log for Fiction Sydney V. Best Title: Chinese Cinderella; The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter Author: Deadline Yen Amah page Range: 179-201 Entry 8: “By winning that prestigious international playwriting competition, you have climbed another rung on the ladder of success. Like Ye Asian, you have defied the odds and garnered triumph through your own efforts.

Your future is limitless, and I shall always be proud of you, My Chinese Cinderella. ” (Amah 197) Question 1: Who is speaking? Where does this particular scene take place (setting? ) Explain the character’s thoughts, motives, and actions (I. E. What does this person mean. In this scene, Aunt Baby is writing to Deadline from Shanghai. She is telling Deadline how much she misses her and how proud she is of Deadline’s accomplishments. She is comparing the story of Ye Asian to Deadline’s life. She is showing her that no matter what Inning and Father did or said to her, she will still be successful.

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