Children Of The River Essay

Children of the river essay Sundae’s life may be seen as a river or a road. At some points in the book children of the river it seems as if Sundae’s life is forced along like a river. But at other times it seems like she can chose where to turn like a road. Her aunt and uncle pick who she marries and who she talks to. But Sandra also goes against what they say often. Sundae’s life is like a river because she doesn’t have very much choice over her life. She has to marry a Cambodia man picked by her aunt and uncle. “.. You’re becoming an American brat, I will never find you a good husband… (crew 1 15).

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In Cambodia culture parents arrange marriage for the daughters. Males can have multiple wife’s. By not being able pick the one who they marry Sundae’s life is like a river because no matter what happens she still doesn’t have a choice. When Sandra was caught with Jonathan by Poke Simi. “to walk by and find her alone with white skin. Poke Simi would love nothing better than to get her in trouble” (crew 75). When Sandra is caught with Jonathan she can get in trouble because she is not supposed to talk to boys let alone white boys. Only because her aunt and uncle want re to be a good Khmer wife.

This makes it so Sundae’s life is more like a river. Only because she can’t talk to whom she wants to. In the beginning of the book Sandra didn’t have the choice to come to the states. “get out! Get out! The communists! The Khmer Rouge! They’ve taken Phonon Penn and they’re coming here! ” (Crew 3). Sandra and her family had to come to the states. The states ay have given Sandra a chance to have a life like a river in the past and like a road in the future. Sundae’s life is like a road because when she talks to Jonathan she is making a choice.

When Sandra went to the hospital to see Jonathan she chooses to go against Soak wanting her to go to the market. “After breakfast, with the excuse of buying notebook paper, she headed for the nearby 7-elevens pay phone” (crew 150). Sandra made the choice to go see Jonathan and tell her aunt and uncle she was getting notebook paper. During lunch and break she and Jonathan talked in the court yard. When Sundae’s not supposed to “does your aunt know you’re here? ” she shook her head “they think I’m at the store” (crew 154). Sandra almost everyday talks to Jonathan.

She makes the choice to go against what her parents says risk being seen and getting in trouble. Also Sandra went to Jonathans house to go sailing without Soak knowing “does you aunt know you’re here? Sandra took a deep breath. “yes she know” (crew 212). Throughout the book Sandra makes a choice to do what her aunt and uncle tells her not to. Cambodia culture seems more like a river where you go into life and everything is already chosen for you. Who you talk to or marry is all decided for you by your parents. If you are caught taking to someone you are not supposed to talk to you get in trouble. Children Of The River Essay By dairyman

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