Child skills checklist

Stands up for own rights Displays enthusiasm about doing things for self Allow self to be comforted during stressful time Eats, sleeps, toilets without fuss away from home Handles sudden changes/startling situations with control Can express anger in words rather than actions Does not withdraw from others excessively Shows people affection, connection, love Shows interest/attention in classroom activities Smiles seems happy much of the time 3. Social Play Spends time watching others play Plays by self with own toys/materials Plays parallel to others with similar toys/materials Makes friends with other children

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Gains access to play in a positive manner Resolves play conflicts in a positive manner 4. Proboscis Behavior Shows concern for someone in distress Can tell how another fells during conflict Shares something with another Gives something to another Takes turns without a fuss Helps another to a task Helps (care for) another is need 5. Gross Motor Development Walks down steps alternating feet Runs with control over speed and direction Jumps up and lands on two feet Throws, catches and kicks Climbs up and down climbing equipment with ease Moves legs and feet in rhythm to beat Moves arms and hands in rhythm to beat .

Fine Motor Development Show hand preference (which is _) Turns with hand easily (knobs, lids, eggbeaters) Pours liquid into glass without spilling Unfastens/fastens zippers, buttons, Evolve tabs Picks up and inserts objects with ease Uses drawing/writing tools with control Pounds in nails, uses clay with control 7. Cognitive Development: Classification, Number, Time & Space Identities objects by shape Identifies objects by size Sorts objects by likeness Puts events in sequence Counts how many are present Knows what happens today Can build a block enclosure 8. Spoken Language

Listens but does not speak Gives single word answers Gives short-phrase responses Does chanting and singing Takes part in conversations Asks questions Can tell a story 9. Preprinting & Preferring Skills Pretends to write with pictures and scribbles Makes horizontal lines of scribbles Includes letter like forms Makes some letters, prints name or initial Holds book right-side up; turns pages left to right Pretends to read using pictures to tell the story Retells stories from books with increasing accuracy Show awareness that print in books tells the story 10. Art Skills Makes random marks on paper

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