Chesapeake and New England: Differences in Society

Colonial English Society Differences During the asses and into the asses Europe rapidly colonized in America. Europe traveled to America for resources, religious reasons, and to claim territory. Both the Chesapeake and New England regions had colonies founded on them around 1630. Although each colony was founded England, by 1700 both of these colonies became very distinct societies. These differences in societies developed from differences in purpose, the geographical regions, and the economics of each colony. Chesapeake and New England are both in present day in the Eastern Region of he United States.

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Chesapeake has a humid subtropical climate. This climate has it ups and downs for Chesapeake. The hot weather harbored many diseases. There were bad winters that had “bitter cold frost” in which “more that half of us (settlers) died. “(Doc. F) In 1618 there were 700 people in Chesapeake. From 1618-1622 3000 people migrated to the colony. By 1624 the population was numbered at 1240. This was a problem because the men outnumbered the women by about six to one (Doc. C) which mean that the population did not increase fast from within the colony. This botanical climate had great soil.

The soil was soon to bear tobacco which was the main crop of this area. This crop sculpted Chesapeake in many ways. New England was had more a humid continental climate. This meaner that summers were shorter and they often received harsh winters with a lot of snow. The only way this benefited them was that there were less diseases and there were less deaths because of it. It was highly probable that a young New Englander would know their grandparent’s which was uncommon for that time in history. The soil in new England was also rocky ND was not as fertile as Chesapeake.

This why New England started to substance farm which is very different from Chesapeake were they would send nearly all of their crops to Europe and lived “from hand to mouth”(Doc. F) and “the pinnacle [small ship] to be provided with things fitting to get provision for the year following”. (Doc. F) Chesapeake was a colony founded for economic reason whereas New England was founded for religious purposes. Document A is a “Model of Christian Charity’ that was aboard the ship to New England. It was more based on God is with us and we re here for him. God Almighty and his most holy’, “We must knit together and work as one man”, and “So we shall keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace… ” Are all pieces of Document A. “The Articles of Agreement” was a document. Signed by people of Chesapeake. In “The Articles of Agreement” (Doc. D) they talk about what God duty is for being his providence. The articles call the people to “engage together and make a plantation” and instead of focusing on God it emphasizes about economics such as “Everyone have a share of the meadow or planting ground” and everyone shall have a convenient portion (of land) for a house lot”.

The economies of the regions differed in many ways. The Economy of New because the soil was rock and couldn’t grow like Chesapeake fertile soil. Chesapeake also gave headlights to their servants brought in to the colony. The abundant land allowed for large plantations of tobacco. These plantations brought in many slaves. Slavery wasn’t very popular in New England. The Slavery in Chesapeake gave and aristocratic atmosphere. New England actually set Wage and Price regulations. (Doc. E) But In Chesapeake it was said that “Those of us that had money… Ere ever welcome to [purchase supplies. The rest of us patiently obeyed our] vile commanders and [bought] our provisions at fifteen times the value… ” (Doc. F) The poor government structure of Chesapeake lead to a rebellion. The farmers were mad because the government made “unworthy favorites” (Doc. H) which lead to Bacon’s rebellion. Although England settled the majority of both colonies, Chesapeake and New England, both of their societies ended up to be very different because of the climate, founding purpose, and economy of each colony.

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