Challenging the Role of Religion

‘An Abstract Conception: Challenging the Role of Religion’ Imagine working with your very best of friends, doing the things that you each truly care about, with no limitations, under no one else’s contract or constitution, living happily and productively with others that share your same dreams for humanity. What would you do with that power? Who would you be? Vemma Nutrition does Just this. It offers college students an ideal and opportunity to kick-start their success and obtain the financial security that many never set their sights upon.

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CEO and founder, BK Boryeko says, Nemma is transforming lives through ultra-premium products, a trong, charitable commitment and a generous compensation plan. It can help you become healthier and happier. If you have a heart for helping people, it may Just be the right opportunity for you. ” Verve offers each person a family The attainability, social connections, and radical approach combined with the power to create a lasting impact on the world.

By interviewing and discussing the hope that Club Verve instills in students at Michigan State, I was able to research and analyze the change that it is currently bringing to the mindset of those impacted. Jake Stap, President of Club Verve on campus, says, “l came into school as a freshman to be a doctor in hopes to help people. When I took an enormous chance to Other companies may have a similar plan to sell their product, but Vemma’s healthy energy drink, Verve, embodies the very heart of the Exhale. Back to Earth. Reality as we know it. Solid. Familiar. Forecasted.

Recorded, trusted, always returning to baseline. Though it is not a perfect world, it gives and takes as we do the same, to maintain our envisioned picture of happiness. Our generation is wakening up. We are wakening up our parents and our friends, our professors and our preachers. In this case, the very action of planting this truth is powerful enough to manifest itself with or without further cultivation in the minds of those that also seek the same ends means. Reality as an illusion, as Freud discusses, encourages audiences to question everything and anything that you believe and have been taught to believe.

Do not simplyonly Our unyielding attempt to establish order, in an uncontrollable dimension, is recorded and repeated with painstaking dedication, throughout the history of man. This ultimate search has rooted us secularized civilizations, due to preconceived notions that have been imply passed down to generations. Club Verve at Michigan State University, takes a radical and revolutionary approach to supply the means (money) to attain the end (success and liberation from financial burdens) product, in an outdated, and corrupt world.

Members of the club on campus provided my study with the means (interviews, social media, etc. ) to collect research, accurately comparing Verve’ to religion through social media by attaining quantifiable incentives to trade for an excess of material possessions. The ability to free oneself from the common radition, a sort of liberal enlightenment, seems likely to be the most suitable basis for such a business man’s success” (Weber, ##). For generations, it seems as if we have been in this plateau of progression- a stand still, stalling the advancement of our enlightenment.

Vemma Nutrition and Verve’ utilize social networking and network marketing combine marketing and communicating in an evolutionary way, making business transactions faster than ever before. Why have we remained so closed off to changing the inputs of our existence by simply manipulating the derivative of our current equation? What is holding us back from this desperately eeded shift in cognition? News channels remove our focus from the fate of humanity to menial happenings and for society to question and actively combat the environments inevitable destruction.

Our outrageous, radical, critiqued ADHD generation is now beginning to contribute to society. Young entrepreneurs, innovators, and revolutionary gurus are in fact turning heads and shattering attempts to continue abiding by the ‘old ways’ of thinking. With an innumerable amount of uncensored information at the tips of our fingers, our generation has not only graduated from the repetitive and rigid education system set in place. As we enture out of our of quantitative, standardized test bubbles and into reality, we are anxious to change what we have seen fail for years.

Here’s the difference. We are in indeed a generation in pursuit of instant gratification. Why has business been so successful among coklege students? What makes it so powerful? What does it have in common with religion in the first place? Like Freud says, religion allows humanity to attain a sense of control and understanding of that which can never truly be known, easing our fear of the unknown. There is simply no room for the luxury of time’ to take its course in such a fast paced and plugged in society.

The pressure is either going to make you or break, so in the meantime, I have come to conclude that Verve is tool/self-dependent experiencing with reality that can bring the means of living happily into reality by posititely encouraging the you, with an ideal that sounds far to easy to do. the Illusion and psychological wish- discussed by both Freud and Durkheim, the solid in comparison to the definitions and opinions of what religious scholars have theorized to be true.

Scholars definitions and perceptions of the religion acts as the blueprint from which our entire expectations of life evolve. Max Weber Club Verve, provides an ideal, family like community, with a mentor to guarantee your success as a distributor. By searching #YPR on Twiter, the impact is undeniable Stephanie Nelson encourages that, “by taking better care of yourself, you are waking up a little, and the entire universe benefits more so from one fully awakened soul than that lost by the deadweight the of the 10 for every one leader.

Imagine working with your very best of friends, doing the things that you each truly care about, with no limitations, under no one else’s contract or constitution, in a symbiotic bubble located near the Southwestern Islands of Utopia. An excruciating flash suddenly draws you away as evil possesses you like a storm building over the sea, waiting to erupt violently. As you are sucked away from this harmonious paradise and thrust into a literal hell, you are suffocating eternally with absolutely no hope or will to exist. Exhale. Back to Earth. Reality as we know it. Solid. Familiar.

Forecasted. Recorded, Tweeted, quantifiable. Ahhh, it isn’t a perfect world, but it’s comfortable, controlled, safe. AND UNCHANGING. Why were we reading about breaking edge solar energy technology in elementary school in ‘Current Events Weekly but we all grown and ecome functionaing and contributing members of our society, but are yet to see these crucial technologies manifest in our current existence? Why are we blasted with the same world news over and over again. Our generation is wakening up. We are wakening up our parents and our friends, our professors and our preachers.

We have been navigating through cyber space with very undetected knowledge since the days of broadband. Whereas the past generation was bewildered at the cutting edge car phones and brick phones, myself and my peers are annoyed if our friends don’t have an iPhone 4 to charge their 5. Clean, crisp, absolute, and certain, we all want to be in the know and aware of ourselves. Who doesn’t want to be liked by everyone else? The idea of the unknown and the uncontrollable is perhaps the biggest weakness that has plagued humanity time and time again, to no avail (in my opinion).

Something that is unknown to us is uncomfortable, because it is new. Change is difficult for slower moving people to keep up with, these people are often the ones that identify with Eistein’s favorite quote of mine, ” This is my religious study of the dream to exist on this level once again, Just allow yourself to consider the idea of a ociety actually free from without crumbling and indebted leaders, , and it’s far-fetched Representing only yourself, and those that strive to attain the wisdom of an extremely aged sou, yet subconsciously attached to the mind of all of humanity, working for the well-being of everyone.

Impossible to actually occur in the world we live in, if you have even heard a whisper of the worlds current happenings. and answering to those that you actually care to help, desire to help for the well-being of the universe instead of oneself. Seeing the world only as you choose to see it…

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