Carl th. Dreyer

Maggie Elective Carl The. Dryer (1889-1968) Personal Background: unmarried maid and later, his birth since in Danish new family was but he was a smart career as a reporter, he wrote screenplays. Norris’s Film and directed so-good films, he returned Born in Copenhagen, Denmark by his mother was an he was put up for adoption by his father, a few years mother died. He was renamed by his new father and but there is no “senior” or “Junior” added to the name. His emotionally distant and his childhood was unhappy, dent and left home at 16.

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Dryer began his specializing in aviation. Along with his Journalism, He worked as a script consultant and writer at seven foreign films. After a few years of not- back to Journalism. He never gave up his dream, he continued to travel creating new films. He was known a element in his films included depictions of his birth mother dying. Europe for inspiration and he kept religious filmmaker and an tragic women probably from Education/Training: find his own screenplays. He was error.

Influence on Industry: masterpieces. It his film came the camera and films are known for events to retell a story power of it like they He was a bright student but decided to leave his family and way. He began in Journalism and Just began writing able to work on different films through trial and Dryer is a filmmaker icon. His movies were known as was creative to work from the transcripts of Jean’s trial, from realism and expressionism. He knows how to work let the audience feel the way the character feels.

His he powerful images they give. He uses historical in a new way which helps people understand the were there. Significant Films: 1 . The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) 2. The word (1955) 3. Gertrude (1964) 4. Order (1955) 5. Day of wrath (1943) Bibliography: 1 . “Carl The. Dryer. “The Criterion Collection. The Criterion Collection, n. D. Web. 18 Seep 2013. 2. Richter Larsen, Elisabeth. “Biography- Short. “Carl The. Dryer – The Man and His work. N. P. , 11 Gauge 2013. Web. 18 seep 2013. Carl the. Dryer By Maggie-Elective

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