Career Plan Reflection

Career Plan Reflection Upon the competition of the career profiler, which is an exercise that is designed to help create a step-by-step plan to achieve ones career goals? The career profiler consist of 4 career Building activities, once completed a individual should have a basic understanding of their career interests, competencies, work culture preferences and thinking style. The first activity was the Career Interests Profiler, after completion of this section of the career profiler a list of careers is displayed on he results page.

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The careers that are listed will give the individual a realistic idea of what career, would be in their best interest when planning for a career. These results are giving in three categories realistic, artistic and Social. The second survey is Competencies; this section is designed to determine one’s ability to do the Job properly. After completion of this section, The results shows the strengths in competencies in the area of coping with pressure, adhering to values, adapting to hang, taking initiative, networking and cooperation.

The third survey is work culture preferences, this section will give an individual a basic idea of what types of work environments may engage them the most. The results are displayed in three categories high powered, supportive and ethical. The fourth and last survey in the career profiles is reasoning aptitude; this section tells how a person’s reasoning abilities may enable them to excel in specific careers.

Results for this survey are hon… In strengths and opportunities; this survey also gives tips on ways of improving your ways of thinking. This course applies to my career plan by giving me a realistic view of where I stand as of right now when deciding on a career. After completing the survey, the information that was revealed was pretty accurate. And example would be that I like to work with my hands and prefer working outdoors. This information if used correctly can play a big part when making decision on what career paths to follow.

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