Business in sweden

More emphasis is placed on the written than the spoken word. It is often not enough to phone someone – follow it up in writing. CONCLUSION Thanks to our book, we hope and we think that you have all the keys in hand to manage to work and to do business in Sweden. You learnt that you should not Judge hastily the people who have a different culture because the schemes of the others are not bad or unsuitable, they are Just different. As you were able to understand, Swedish are on numerous points different of French because of their history and heir values.

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The multi-cultural cooperation in company is catastrophic or extremely prosperous. So, by applying our advice, we hope that you will allow being a driving and crucial element in the improvement of the efficiency of the company. However, you will need certainly a time of adaptation to feel completely comfortable in Sweden. Indeed, we can give a multitude of excellent advice, the best meaner to feel good in a foreign country, it is to live there and to learn his own errors. We Just want to wish you a good Journey and good luck.

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