Bullying: Abuse and People

Big Question Essay Ever since the beginning of the human race, individuals have felt a need to overpower others. They accomplish this through bullying and harassing other people. My question is what causes people to want power over other people? Is it human nature or are we conditioned this way? I think their behavior is based on how they were raised and their environment, not by the type of day they are having. Bullying is making “purposeful attempts to control another person through verbal and physical threats that the victim does not want” (sample 1). There are many forms of bullying.

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They include rumors, gossiping, name-calling, stealing, physical abuse, and damaging property (sample 2). I do not think people are born to act this way. I fully believe that people are conditioned. The book “Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass” (sample 3) was about Douglass and his life story dealing with slavery. Now in the story he goes through many different slave owners. They weren’t all bad. The harsh young owners who weren’t very nice to their slaves usually had an older family member who was harsh to their slaves and the young owners used the older owners as examples.

When harsh slave owners had kids the kids were most likely awful toward their slaves. This is Just one example of how environment can influence the want of power over other people. Some other things people think cause bullying are: being surrounded by a culture that bases its values around power; being at an institution that has low standards for how people treat each other; more social recognition for negative behavior; families that are not warm and loving; children that experience social rejection; and having too much power and letting it get to your head (sample 1).

All of these could be factors, however, I think the main cause of ullying is based on the standards set by family and friends. In psychology you learn about the critical period which is when children mirror and learn the behaviors around them. If they grow up in an environment where bullying is accepted then they most likely think that harassment is a common way to socialize with others. I can guarantee that someone raised in a loving and nice home are less likely to bully, compared to someone who grew up in an abusive and strict household.

My research essay (sample 4) was about the treatment of sex offenders and whether the ways were ethical or not. Sex offenders are an ideal example of people who like to be the dominant one in relationships. They often rape and commit other crimes to assert their power over others. They the perfect example for my opinion. Most sex offenders grow up in broken homes where they are abused or have parents with psychological problems that can affect the offenders as they get older.

Growing up in that kind of environment takes a toll on them and which again causes them to become harassers and bullies. The results of bullying can also support my opinion. Many things can result from being bullied. Some of these results include PTSD, depression, anxiety, long with physical problems caused by stress (sample 5). The most important negative result of bullying is that the victim could become another bully. This cycle never ends.

Again this supports my opinion because it is an example of how the victim becomes conditioned by the environment he is placed in and becomes gain power over another person. I fully believe that is untrue. How do you actually know whether or not we are born bad? What about those who are always kind and never have a bad word to say about any one? Those type of people are rare to find. However, if you look back in their past you will most likely find that they had a good hildhood and grew up in a good home.

Although correlation does not cause causation in this case I can confidently say that if you grew up well you will not become a bully. Based on my artifacts I have come to the conclusion that environment is the determining role of whether or not you become a bully. While there may be some other minor reasons that a person can want power over others, environment is the biggest reason. If everyone had a chance at having a good environment at home and other public places then I think the number of bullies would significantly decrease, as would crime and other problems.

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