Building Security

Do not prop open doors under any circumstances. An open door is an open invitation to intruders. Whether you are bringing items into the building, smoking by the doorway or simply talking to someone while standing by a doorway, PLEASE either step inside or go outside and keep the doors closed at all times. 2. Wear your security badge during normal business hours! All Burke Properties employees have a security badge.

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Please make sure your photo is adhered to this badge and wear it somewhere visible on your person. This is a major way we (any one of us) can tell whether or not a stranger is in our midst. We have clips and lanyards available for your use when wearing your badge. 3. Any visitors coming into our facility will be required to wear a visitor pass while on premises. Please be sure that your clients/customers comply with this security procedure. Our receptionist will do her part as well to hand out these passes to all incoming personnel. . Be sure to always lock up your belongings in your cubicle or office whenever you walk away from your area. Keeping your valuables locked up is the most reliable way to protect them. Note: If you ever spot someone without a security badge or a visitor pass, please either question the person about his or her intentions or notify someone in the Facilities Dept. We will take the appropriate steps from there. It is very important that you report a suspicious person or activity that you think might be taking place.

We need to be proactive in keeping this a safe and fearless environment to work in. Please remember that any one of us in Facilities have our cell phones on daily and will be glad to assist in the event of a security-related matter. Are the instructions. Please save them for your use.

M. -6 P. M. ), please write your name and the extension number where you’ll be working on the whiteboard located at the employee entrance. 2. If you leave the building and there are still names on the whiteboard and it is apparent that other people are still in the building (like the cleaning crew who are here until approximately 11 p. M. ) Just erase your name off the whiteboard. 3. If you are ready to leave and there are no names on the whiteboard AND it appears that the building may be empty (cleaning crew gone, etc. ).

Then you need to make a page at the phone near the employee entrance indicating that you are ready to leave, and plan to alarm the security system if they don’t phone you back at that extension to indicate that someone is still here. 4. If someone responds, please write their name and extension on the whiteboard for them and then you may simply exit the building. If no one responds, you need to arm the system. If for any reason you are having difficulty arming the system, the phone number for the security company is on the security card.

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