The way these show good literature is because, you can tell something is bound to happen. It really makes the story more of a serious moment, because you really don’t know what will happen until after the suspenseful moment is over. For example, Carrot says “l had to invent a new animal to hunt. ” do you really know what he meaner by that from the story, by the end of that passage one finds out that the “new animal” is actually another human, that’s really when you feel the suspense of that quote.

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When it says Its called Ship-Trap island, it really makes you think what it’s going to be about, or what that even meaner. Which is what gives it that suspenseful moment. Mood changes the whole story around. “A mental chill of sudden tread. ” -peg. 217- and “Then he felt an impulse to cry aloud with Joy. ” If there was not a tone/mood in NY story, it would be extremely dull and boring. The mood can change from one emotion to another in a matter of seconds Just reading within the novel.

Mood is an example of good literature because, it makes the story exciting and what it should. You can tell what the author is trying to show or get at, and helps understand the moment better. In conclusion, the Most Dangerous Game is a great example of good literature, because of the literary devices that were used. ( Imagery, suspense, and mood. ) Given that this book was written so long ago, it is still using more better examples than most books now a days. Brownies By lavaliere

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