Broken China Paper

Broken China In the book Broken China the author Lori Aurelia Williams brings the reader a novel dealing with a young mother’s struggles and much more. China Cup Cameron is 14 balancing going to school full time Just barely hanging on and trying to raise her 2 year old daughter almost single handedly, until death is brought upon the family. China is forced to find a Job that will require her to make lots of money to make ends meet. Unfortunately, her only option is to work at Obsidian Queens, a local gentleman’s club. This brings up one reason why I believe that this book will not be dead one hundred years from now.

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It presents a negative way have young teenage girls to work for money. In chapter three of the book the customers at the club talk to China in a kind of degrading way, using verbal and physical attempts that make her feel uncomfortable. When some families don’t discipline their children they end up in predicaments or situations that you many have never thought could have happened. When it gets to this point it can be difficult to try to gain control back of those children. This is why I believe that this book will not be read, Just because some hillier will read this book to early and get the wrong idea about it.

Strong language is also used in this book as well, making it less readable for younger children. This book should be read by people age fourteen and up. The characters’ resilience, mutual loyalties, and levels of intelligence are convincing, and offer some reassurance that people can develop survival skills and keep capacities to love and heal even in stressful circumstances. If this book is still being read one hundred years from now it will be by older readers for its valuable insights it offers into dealing strategies of working poor teenagers.

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