Bono’s Speech

Bono the rock star held a speech at Harvard University in which he spoke about how it is to be a singer and a songwriter in which he refers to: “You know what a singer is? Someone with a hole in his heart as big as his 11-12) And how it is to be a father four times over as well. Bono mentions why he became a rock star and he is asking the audience what rock stars nowadays rebel against. Bono also talks about the subject of being aware of why you are doing and why you are doing it, and the misery of having it all.

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He conjure the path to success as misleading but at the same time. He mentions at one point how failure is not a bad thing when all comes to all, because some of the greatest material from an artist’ point of view, comes from failure. Bono talks about Macaque which is a country in the northern Africa being able to pay their debt down to 42% due to people around the world, donating to them, and he mentions a man named: Dry. Kabuki who is a doctor, who works in Uganda helping and curing the kids from measles, which many suffered from back in 1999-2000.

In the end of the speech he talks about HIVE and how many positive tested there are in Africa and encourage some of the young ones to elf out on a cure, or at least some smart people to work on it. Main Points: There are two main points in this speech which was held by Bono. The first main point that I would like to discuss, is Bono reaching out to the young students with the hope that they will help and support the 3rd world.

He wants the awareness about AIDS and HIVE in Africa to be spread out in the entire world, but he is at Harvard University because they are the upcoming generation, who are going to be faced with million AIDS orphans and million HIVE positive, and Bono wishes for that maybe en day, one of the students at Harvard will have the cure to this disease. The second main point that Bono talks about which I also would like to discuss is his vision and idea about whether America is still a nation where everything is possible.

He refers to his childhood with the following: “When I was a kid in Dublin. I watched in awe as America put a man on the moon; and I thought. Wow – this is mad! Nothing is impossible in America! America, they can do anything over there! Nothing was impossible”(P: 130;L:4-7)” This reminds me of the idea which is referred to as “The American dream” which is the life that everyone who have traveled to America, wanted to live.

We have read an article which was written by Arnold Schwarzenegger in which he explained how it was for him as a teenager to move to America from Austria, knowing nothing about the English language, and how he worked his way to the top and achieved his goals with the best outcome possible. That is pretty similar to what Bono wants to teach these young students. To aim high and get this nation back on its feet and prove to the rest of the world, that everything is still possible in America. Boon’s Speech By Miasmas

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