Blooms Taxonomy Book Report

Draw a picture of the setting of the story. 5. List the place in the book that are important. Then make up a map including these places as you imagine they may look. It may be a city map, country map or any other kid of map. Analysis (4 apt each): (choose 2 of the 3) 6. Draw a picture of the most exciting , funniest, or saddest part of the story. Explain why you selected this scene to illustrate in 3 to 5 sentences. 7. Write a 3 paragraph summary of the book. Write a paragraph each about the beginning, middle, and end of the book. . Compare how the main character felt at the beginning of the book to how he/she felt at the end of the book. How did the character change? (6-8 sentences) Synthesis (5 apt): (chose 1 of 3) 9. In one to 4 paragraphs, write a different ending for the book. 10. Pretend you are a librarian recommending this book to someone. Write a paragraph telling what you would say. 11. Make an eight section comic strip with captions showing the main events of the story. Evaluation (6 pits): (choose 1 of the 2) 12.

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Write paragraph telling your opinion of the book. Explain why you would or would not recommend the book to a friend. 13. Describe some qualities one of the 30 points Total Book Report Creativity Now let’s get creative! You may chose to simply type out your final report; however you will receive an extra 10 points for turning your report into one of the following: Powering Prize Gloater Use Publisher Make a movie You will probably need to work on this report at home if you chose one of these options.

If you chose not to you will need to use the Word template I have provided for you. Graphic relevance: All drawings and graphics are related to the book and are easy to understand and read. (2 pits) Attractiveness: The report is attractive in terms of design, layout, and neatness. (2 pits) Spelling and Grammar: There are no more than two to three mistakes. (2 pits) Use of class time: Worked on-task during the entire project. Stayed seated. Asked relevant questions.

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