Biotech paper

Stem Cells Curing Cancer Have you ever thought about your stem cells saving someones life? 21, 013 people die from cancer a year, 404 people per month, 57 per week, and 2 per day. Recently scientists have discovered a cure for cancer patients by using a healthy donars stem cells this is called allogenic stem cell rescue. this paper will inform you about allogenic stem cell rescue, the positive outcomes along with the downfalls of this treatment, and how it affects the citizens in your global community. To begin, allogenic stem cell rescue was developed to cure cancer patients. his escue is performed when a cancer patients stem cells have been destroyed due to igh doses of chemotherapy. when chemotherapy takes place it gets rid of all the abnormal cells. when a patient is in need of healthy stem cells after chemotherapy they will introduce the donars stem cells to the patients body by an IV, these stem cells will be placed in the patients bloodstream. if the donars cells cooperate with the patients bloodstream they will migrate to the bone marrow, they will start to reproduce healthy leukocytes(white blood cells). once the new leukocytes start producing they will begin to reprodce very quickly. ding to that, allogenic stem cell rescue has saved many lives since it was first succesfully perfomrd in 1968. allogenic stem cell rescue has been very effective over the years. although this treatment may cure the cancer and replace the bone marrow that has been dsetroyed this tretent Iso has many downfalls like, infertility known as the inability to become pregnant. Thyroid disease is another downfall, thyroid disease is when your hormones become impaired. even though this stem cell rescue may cure cancer it may also have many side affects after this treatment has taken place. so, allogenic stem cell rescue may affect the global community’s environment and and ethical views. it will affect the environment by improving the health of many people who suffer from cancer. improving the health of many people by finding a treatment for cancer that is taking the lives away of 57 or more people a day is a very reassuring thing. if many citizens in the society agree with the ethics of this cure than we may have more and more donars to help the patients in need of stem cells. this procedure can’t be done without the help of healthy donars. in conclusion, Biotech paper By AprilEdstrom1995

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