Big mouth and uglry girl

The month of February was mainly about Matt coming back to school and everyone is ignoring him even Ursula. Matt tries to email Ursula, telling her how he feels about her and how he wants to become friends, but he deletes the email again. Speaking of which, Ursula is feeling guilty inside because she doesn’t pay Matt no attention. So I have this feeling that eventually they are going to talk and become close friend because Ursula had help Matt out in the last section. With all of the drama going on between Matt not talking to any of his friends, and one of his friends are talking to him.

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He is constantly fighting with his parent’s. On top of everything, he drops out of running for vice president for his Junior class which is another reason why he needed someone to talk to but no one was there. Also Matt goes home in see his mom, his mom tells him about the neighbor and how they are not going to forget about the past, and now his mom wants to leave Rocky River. On the other hand, Ursula goes to New York with her mom and sister to watch a dance performance, while she is there she can’t stop thinking about Matt and has a certain leaning for him.

Later on, Ursula reviles that she used to be a swimmer but she stopped because other people were making fun of her. When she returns back to school, there are these Brewers Twins that dislikes minorities and wants to ruin Ursula life’s. The Brewers knew that Ursula helped out matt and they were witnesses also, and they wanted to make matt more into trouble. So the Brewers decided to spread rumors saying how”Mr…. Donated wanted to sue Mr…. Parrish and the school. But Ursula wants them to tell the truth about the whole situation.

I personal think that the Brewers have something coming to them because they were spreading rumors of false things that Matt parent’s didn’t even say. But turns out the Donated are seeing the Rocky River school district. In my opinion, I think that things are going down hill for everyone. Some of the Football players are bullying Matt and they get into a fight. Sadly Matt is going through all of his stress that he and Ursula had went on too building which it looks like Matt is about to commit suicide because of all the stress he is going through. But Ursula stops him

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