Beowulf vs Ulysses

Contrast: Ulysses and Beowulf When an individual envisions epic poetry, you can’t help but think of dragons, heroes and huge battles. In the two epic poems Ulysses by Lord Tennyson and Beowulf translated by Burton Raffle, you find the two major heroes who are very intelligent above all other heroic attributes. Throughout each epic, you find the hero using the combination of strength, intelligence and unbreakable courage.

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The heroes are natural born leaders, that others around them cannot help but be mesmerism’s by. A major connected between the two epics was the definition of dervish is evident. Through the Journeys of the main characters, Beowulf and Ulysses are each portrayed as heroes in the poems as they lead their men on great adventures. While both display many characteristics of heroes and leaders, Beowulf first act of leadership in the poem is when he offers to fight Greened unarmed.

This is an example of leadership because he is standing up above everyone else, when all the other men are scared to. While all the other men are fearful and worried about Greened attacking, Beowulf is able to stay fearlessly as he awaited the arrival of Greened. From Ulysses poem it is evident he was a true leader, captaining ships and winning many battles in the Trojan War. Beowulf was also a very prideful individual, for example in his fight against Grenade. He was trying to seem heroic fighting without a weapon.

You can also see this as an example of Beowulf enormous about of pride; he wants the glory from killing Grenade and that glory would be given if he killed him without a weapon. “But Beowulf only longed for fame leaped back Lento battle. He tossed his sword aside, Angry; the steel-edged blade lay where They’d dropped it. If weapons were useless he’d use She’s hands, the strength in is fingers. So fame comes to the men who mean to win it and care about nothing else! (Line 605-608) In the quote it is so present that Beowulf only seeks fame, and glory of defeating Greened.

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