Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error

Torture Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error Being wrong and having someone tell you that your wrong isn’t a good feeling. Many people feel like they can never be wrong and in my opinion that’s a very ignorant way to think. No one was made perfect and I say that to say this, being wrong is embedded in our human DNA. That’s why in mathematics and science they have formulas that have human error or margin of error as variables in their calculations.

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I remember one day I was arguing with a friend and I thought that my response was so right I Just kept on forcing the argument hoping that it would result in having my point being proved. Finally when we both saw that neither of us would give in we took the argument to a teacher which explained that we were both wrong. I was devastated because I would have bet any amount of money that I was right. What I later came to find out after reading this book was that it turned into a learning experience for us both instead of a crushing defeat.

Being wrong is a part of who we are as humans. In the book Kathy Schulz points out that “when we are wrong we just shrug and say, we are only human. Our own species is synonymous with screwing up. ” As a freshman at Wells there are many things that I will be right about but there is also a million and one things that I can be wrong about. After reading this I have learned that I should not take being wrong as an embarrassment but to use it to build and learn and to recover, and move on.

Here at Wells I expect to not now everything and I also expect that my brain will automatically think I know everything. After reading this book I feel like being wrong isn’t such a bad thing after all. I feel like if no one was ever wrong then we wouldn’t have challenges in life to push the human mind past its capacity or what we have measured to be our capacity. On page 283 Schulz uses a quote from Emily Dickinson saying “The brain is wider than the sky’. Schulz also says that “it is also wider than itself. We exceed our own boundaries; we are more and other than we know ourselves to be.

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