Before WW

Intra and eastern Europe 17. Why did the Englishmen fail? B/c they couldn’t handle winter weather. Also, had handier wheat that would survive the winter 18. Which immigrants were preferred? “Stalwart Immigrants” Laurie Population Boom (1901-1911) 19. What was the cause for the increase in Canada’s population? Immigrants Asiatic Exclusion League: 20. What did B. Co’s labor unions call for? Exclusion of Chinese, East Indian, & Japanese immigrants 21 . What was the situation Laurie was caught in the middle of? Employer want low wages, Japan is ally of Britain Chinese were being sponsored by the C.

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P. R. So Laurie doesn’t want to fight Canada’s largest corporation 22. What is the Head Tax? Expensive tax immigrants had to pay 23. What was the Race riot in Vancouver? Seep 7, 1907 30,000 at meeting of Asiatic Ex. League They attack “Chinatown” and “Japanning” but Japanese fight back Laurie Acts convinced by riot 25. What did Laurie do as an apology to the Japanese compensates victims ends immigration from the far east Continuous Passage/Boer War: 26. Why was the Continuous Passage created? Asiatic exclusion league and B. Co’s labor unions called for the exclusion of Chinese,

East Indian and Japanese immigrants Created the Continuous Passage to keep both sides happy (British and Immigrants) Cheap labor More immigrants hired than Canadians 27. Who was the Boer Leader? Paul Kruger 28. When was the Canadian Navy Ship launched? 1906 29. What was it called? Dreadnought 30. What were the Canadians thoughts on a Canadian Navy Ship? Originally wanted a Ana ship for Canadian Independence 31 . What were Canadians thoughts on a Canadian Navy Ship? – English Canadians want it to help Britain (help MOM) 32. Why did the Canadians not want it anymore? Feared it would be used by British for themselves 3.

What was the Dreadnought British battleship Pointless (small) 34. What was the Alaska Boundary Dispute? U. S. And Canada had a dispute over the ownership of the mainland of the panhandle 35. What year did the U. S. Purchase Alaska from Russia? 1867 36. How much did the U. S. Buy it for? 37. How was the Alaskan Boundary Dispute settled? Britain agreed to help arbitrate the dispute 3 Americans, 2 Canadians, 1 British 38. Who did Britain award the panhandle to? – the U. S. 39. Why did Britain agree to help arbitrate the dispute? – They didn’t want to damage it’s trading with the U. S. 40.

How did Britain defeat the Boers? Block houses: British built them every mile, commando’s had no place to run Concentration camps: British concentrated the Boers into camps, thousands of Boers died of disease 41 . What was a Boer Fighting Technique? “Commando” 42. What is Commando? They would surround British defenders and kill them from behind Boers tried to overwhelm the British with this technique 43. What was Canada’s thought on the Boer War? Split Canada (only English Canadians wanted to fight) French Canadians (this is not our war to fight) English Canadians (“We must protect Britain”) 4.

Why did the Boer War begin? 1836: Boers go inland to gain freedom, they form the orange free state and the Transvaal 1886 – Boers discover gold 1895 – Outlanders (or foreigners) attempt to take over. (Lead by Jameson Raid This all lead to the Boer War 45. When did the Boer War take place? – 1899-1902 46. Who were the Boers? 1652 – Dutch East India company sent farmers to South Africa These men were called Boers 47. Why were the Sikhs aboard the Comate Mark not allowed to land in Vancouver? They did not come by the Continuous Passage. India – Hong Kong – Vancouver – H. M. C.

S Rainbow 49. What is the Gametal Mark? 1914: the ship that Sikhs came in This tested the Continuous Passage rule (because they did not follow it) 400 Sikhs were aboard the ship 50. What is the Continuous Passage? An immigrating ship could only sail directly to Canada (NO STOPS) This was only possible for people sailing from northern Europe 51 . What was the Continuous Passage created for? – A way to end immigration from the far East without looking racist 52. How was Canada involved in the Boer War? 6000 Canadian soldiers and nurses were sent to South Africa to fight for Britain

End of Laurie 53. What was the Saskatchewan/Alberta language policy? Laurie lets Ask/Alb locals decide if immigrants/citizens should learn both English and French or Just one 54. What did they decide? Chose English (more practical) 55. What is Reciprocity? Free/mutual trade 56. What was the Reciprocity part of? Liberal Laurie platform 57. Who feared it? Canadians 58. Who said the quote “Canada is not Canada for all Canadians” Henry Bursas 59. Did Laurie build a stronger Canada? Built another railway increased population created tension with the French Canadians

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