Background: Play and Online Game Players

Background play online game for the students is not a stranger in this day and age. Not only students Junior high or high school but kids kindergarten were often encountered are playing online games. Internet cafe business grows especially in Bungle last few years. Have an impact on rising rates of online game players among students. Of this problem there are the effect either positive or negative.

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I try to discuss how the negative effects of online games for students? Many cases that occurred among students because of the effects of online gaming. Such as gaming addiction, when a student is the opiate of the game then it is very official to stop. There is no money when you want to play the game cause they can do anything to fulfill his desire might be able to steal money or his parents or other objects. Lazy learning is also one case of students who like to play games often we see students who hobby to play game for the lazy learn and play games rather than on learning is impacting on the quality of the students could have a lot of red marked in his report book. Next, skipping school, from lazy students like learning cause embosom. Termagant this is often not in the know parents because most parents guardians less attention to their children. Effect For every online game players certainly have the effect of habit. Such as in terms of education decreased performance, lazy learning habits cause cheating and causing violence in the world of students. Linger long in front of the monitor screen (LCD) from a health standpoint is certainly not good could minus their eye and can cause health the other problems . And financial terms is also included waste because burst wasting money Just for the novelty. In terms of this time playing online games for too long are also included in the category of wasted time. Time should we use for things that are useful for our future.

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