Evader’s case

What would you have done in Evader’s case? Is he to blame for any injuries that resulted from the faulty brakes or are his actions excusable? Are there any mitigating circumstances that lessen his culpability? In his situation, I would have done the same thing he did thus go ahead with writing the false report as requested by my superiors. And no, I strongly believe that he is not to blame for the injuries that occurred cause of the faulty brakes but rather the Goodrich Company was to blame.

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His actions of agreeing to write the report could be excusable for considering his own moral standards of choosing self-interest over morality. The mitigating circumstances that lessen his culpability can be identified as the fear of losing his Job and not being able to support his family because of the economic consequences that would follow if he was to refuse to write the report. Another circumstance is that even if he was not to cooperate and consequently get fired, it was all to be for no cause since the company would still go ahead with the manufacturing and fitting of the faulty brakes on his absence . 5.

What are the three basic types of ethical issues? Come up with an example of an ethical issue for each type. Systemic Issues: This are questions raised about economic, political, legal or other social systems within which businesses operate e. G. The questions about regulations on which Botswana businesses operate Corporate Issues: This are the questions raised about a particular company. E. G questions about the organizational structure of an individual company (I. E. Express prints) as a whole. Individual Issues: This are the questions about a particular individual within an organization, their behaviors and decisions e. . Questions about the character of an individual employee of an organization. CHAPTER TWO 2. Explain how the Ford cost-benefit analysis showed that it would not be right to fix the exploding Pintos. Did the utilitarian analysis work in this instance? Why or why not? The Ford cost-benefit study showed that the cost of fixing he Pintos would be greater than the benefits , that more revenue would be lost, the study also revealed that if he Pintos were left as they were without changing the tanks less costs would occur.

The study figures were that $137 million was to be spent to fix the Pintos and that if left unfixed the company’s costs as damages to injured people and the families of those who died would be $39 million. This meant that going ahead with the production of those Pintos the Ford Company would save $96 million. I would say in this instance the Utilitarian worked because the idea behind it is that the right action or policy is the one that will produce the greatest NET benefits or lowest net costs. On this case the going ahead with production of Pintos by Ford earned them more benefits over costs because of the study. . What are the 3 categories of Justice? How are they distinguished? The categories of Justice are the Distributive Justice, Retributive Justice and lastly the Compensatory Justice. Distributive Justice is concerned with the fair distribution of society benefits and burdens whereas Retributive Justice refers to the Just imposition of punishments ad penalties o those who do wrong and Compensatory Justice on the other hand is concerned with compensating people for what they lost when harmed by others.

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