Attention Teens

Attention all teens! After a long long long time of waiting on hand and knee of the evil adultarchy, we the teens and the Council of Teenage Freedom have decided to revolt! just Sure, we are Just a bunch of teens funded by the first national bank of dad, we have no say in politics until we are 18, The truths that we hold self-evident is; the right to have a myspace page. The right to be able to play video games whenever we want. In addition, to have the right to have a cell phone at any age. We would like the right to be able to watch T.

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V. any time of the day. The right to go places by ourselves. We would like the right to receive money from our parents whenever needed or wanted. The right to be able to watch any movie of any rating we desire. Last but not least, to abolish the child labor, which they call chores. The adultarchy have put us through many injuries and usurpations. They have caused us much pain and agony, Just to list a few: Our parents have forbideth us the right to have a reasonable curfew time. They have forbade us to go to places by thyself.

Our school administrators hath not let us chew gum or wear hats in class. Our school administrators have forced us to wear uniforms to hide our expression and individuality. Our school administrators have placed unreasonable exit times and have instructed the teachers to give us unreasonable amount homework. Our parents have forbid us to borrow money in need of emergencies. They have not let us watch certain PG-13 and R movies. They have forbade us of having loud music on. They have forbid us of having parties or going to parties.

They have compelled us to do homework as soon as we get home. They have forbid us to go places alone. They have even taketh away our prized possessions when we have a done something afoul. I and other members of the Council of Teenage Freedom have tried fruitlessly to peacefully resolve problems with the adultarchy. We have asked politely, respectfully and with a clear mind for them to give us a little leeway in our way of life. We have finished our homework on time, gotten good grades, even not acted badly. However, the have stayed quite stubborn.

We will not let this mockery of us keep going, so we will strike back. On behalf of the Council of Teenage Freedom, and those being butchered and maimed by the tyrannical adultarchy, hereby declare the official breaking away from the government system of the adultarchy. We will create our own government and we will become independent. We will be led and guided by our heavenly god Gene Simmons, there is to be no arguing about this proclamation from teenagers or adults alike. If any do so, they will be banished to live among the adults. Attention Teens By Shanteria09

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