Animals: Law and Basic Rights

Basic Rights for Animals I agree with the idea of creating a Bill of Rights for animals and everything in the, “sign the Animal Bill of Rights”(ALDF). I Only don’t agree that animals should have their interests represented in court and safeguarded by the law of the land. The second worry is about laboratory animals not to be used in cruel or unnecessary experiments. The extent to which I agree with the animal Bill of Rights is an overall yes, except the right of lab animals raises many questions from me.

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In the Bill it specifically says animals are not to be used in cruel or unnecessary experiments. When I tried doing research about the Animal Bill of Rights online I used the search engine Google and nothing specific to this bill of rights came up. Even the website to sign the bill there isn’t very much information about it. No where could I find what is considered a cruel or unnecessary experiment on animals.

Even though I do agree that animals should et a Bill of Rights, I think private corporations and government ran facilities should be able to run tests and studies on animals to further help scientific research. Another section of the Bill I don’t agree with is that animals can have their interests represented in court and they get safeguarded by the law. First of all I think the fact that an animal can go to court and have their interests represented is crazy. How does anyone even know what the animals “interests” are?

The fact that they get afeguarded by the law of the land seems to me like they are trying to make laws for humans not animals. After all, that is what they are. Now and after (if the Bill passes) I will still look at animals the same way, as pets, wild creatures, and food. So yes, I do agree that animals should have a Bill of Rights but when they start giving them closer to those made for humans then that is when I draw the line. I think to finally get the Bill of Rights passed they need to add more specifics about the Bill and possibly amend the Bill.

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