Anecdotal Observation

The playground is a rectangle shape oft deep full of sand and proxy 20 x oft. A large red hammerhead sculpture is next to the playground, great playful visual stimulation. “Kerri” a girl who appears to be approximately 6 years old enters the playground accompanied by 3 adults and her older sister, the strong family presence and way in which they were engaging with her on the playground is what caused me to start observing her. Pm: Kerri and her sister run while smiling and laughing to the swingiest and start trying to swing.

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Skier’s grandmother and grandfather both help push the girls on the swings and Instruct them on how to pump their legs to get moving by themselves, joining them on swings to demonstrate how to kick their legs out and back In to gain momentum while Skier’s mom goes Into a nearby store. 2:10: Kerri Is trying new things out on the swings giving suggestions to her sister to try. Kerri shares how It feels to her sister, “Swing with your eyes closed and put your head down. Doesn’t that feel scary? ” Kerri laughs outlook and screams when she puts her head back.

Kerri continues this for 10 minutes becoming more creative, she Is throwing her head back looking up, swinging sideways, trying out different sensations created by how she swings. “Grandma, you’re upside down! ” Kerri says her head upside down looking back at her grandmother. “Now you look silly sideways! ” tilting her head to the right, with her eyes open she looks at her grandmother. Kerri tries all of the head positions again with her eyes closed while swinging. “Ahhhhhhh, It’s spinning hay. ” Kier yells out for her sister with eyes loosed “I feel Like I’m flying! She repeats this 4 times until her sister makes eye contact and says “Kerri come across the yellow bars, I think you’ll be able to do It much better than me. ” Keller replies “No thanks! ” 2:20 Kerri Is swelling still pumping her legs harder. Keller Is now looking at a nearby toddler with adverted eyes her swelling slows as the toddler starts making his way towards her feet. She stops pumping her legs as the toddler falls Into her path. Keller had slowed herself by dragging her barrette along the sand below the swing enough

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