An Analysis of the Scholars

The Scholars,” Www Aching-Thus revealed the truth and dark side of Chinese government organization and examination. He also discussed the morality and philosophy of people in Miming Dynasty. As the beginning of the “The Scholars,” Www Aching-Thus used Wang Mien’s story as an example to show what a clever, remarkable man should be. The story is started with an introspective question: “in human life riches, rank, success and fame are external things.

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Men will risk their lives in the search for them; yet once they have them thin their grasp, the taste is no better than chewed tallow. But from ancient times till now, how many have accepted this? ” This question shows that Www Aching-Thus believes a remarkable man should be talented and intelligent, but indifferent to fame and wealth, like Wang Mien in the first story. There are several reasons why Wang Mien wants to be far away from the social ladder. But one of the most important reasons is because he respects and listens to his mother.

As Confucian value hillier should be dutiful to their parent’s, Wang Mien’s behavior shows that he kept with Confucian traditions and values, and placed them above all else. Does not matter how poor and how talented he is, he Just simply wants a normal life as a citizen. In the second and third chapter, Chou Chin is the main character who is talented, but not respected by other people. Other people underestimated him simply because he never got chosen in the examination. Www Aching-Thus shows that even other people who got chosen from the examination are not smarter or greater.

In fact, those people may even be immoral. Later on, Fan Chin rereads his essay for three times and finally find out Chou Chin’s intelligent and talent. Chou Chin still passed the examination, although later than others, he has better ability and smarter thinking. Moreover, because Chou Chin has the ability and experience in teaching, Chou Chin could give advises to people who had failed the examination and people who need advises. Chou Chin is willing to help others, instead of underestimate and laugh at others.

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