An Analysis of Illegal Immigration in the U.S

In Luis Urea’s, The Devil’s Highway, the underlying theme of the novel is how illegal immigration has undistributed to American society in a positive aspect. Despite the negative perceptions of illegal immigration, it is crucial for helping America. These immigrants help build America in the way that we envision it to be as, hard-working and appreciative. Compared to skilled workers, illegal immigrants that worked didn’t have any skill that is applicable in their Jobs; therefore, they never moved up in terms of wages.

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Though, the unskilled workers weren’t able to benefit from this, they were dedicated to their work and were willing to work for a lower wage as opposed to there skilled workers. Ultimately, illegal immigration is necessary in order for America to achieve an increased economic productivity. In effect, this benefited legal/skilled workers from, “1997 to 2007 who experienced increased pay in complementary Jobs by 10%,” says Adam Davidson. As an illustration, the illegal immigrants worked for a far lower pay, but even so, it was sufficient for them since they valued being able to work.

It is clarified that illegal immigrants had appreciated the opportunities that America had offered them although they would not get every benefit out of them. If this discussion was looked upon from a different angle, it would be made obvious that illegal immigrants were somewhat losing benefits while they made a slight gain in working experience. As hard as workers had put in on the effort scale, they constantly improved themselves through skills that they were never required to have.

As they were never questioned about what skills they were taught before being employed with their current Jobs causing them to work with what they knew. When you work with what you know, you constantly gain experience doing it more and that’s even a specific box on every Job application that is willing to question your ability. While illegal immigrants had improved their skill and had not seen their wages go up to due to their status with citizenship, they faced a trouble within the economy whenever a depression was rising. Prices kept rising, and all families were able to afford less and less. Families continued to grow The Pope ordered them to continue being fertile – even condoms were wicked. And in the economy of hunger, chances to survive. If one out of five died, that still left four to grow up and begin to work Urea, 44-45). With the money that immigrants were making on a flat rate regardless of how skilled they were, or were not, life at home was made difficult. The amount of children a family had given birth to or amount of mouths under the home had constantly depended on the economy and its wellness.

Most Jobs casually change during depressions or inflation, however when you are working at a Job, it’s because it’s one of the few that WILL hire you under the table or any other way made possible knowing that you do not have a proper citizenship, it is difficult to bargain for a raise. This is a well-known example of how appreciative immigrants, whom have completely taken the risk of leaving their family on the streets of America, are towards the opportunities given at hand. America must possess something other countries don’t because people would rather take the risks of sleeping on our streets than staying in homes that they grew up in.

In regards to illegal immigrants contributing to America, native Mexican citizens contribute to the growth of America in various ways. Similar to the ways that legal citizens contribute to America, illegal citizens contribute likewise; they pay federal axes and sales taxes. “Mexican immigrants paid nearly $600 million in federal taxes and sales taxes in 2002 use about $250 million in social services another $31 in uncompensated health care that leaves a profit of $319 million. ” (Urea, 218).

The sales and federal taxes are used in order to improve universities, transportation, rebuilding/building complexes, etc. Hence, illegal immigrants are a big factor in the productivity of America’s economic growth. Though they are restricted to certain rights as opposed to legal citizens, they are entitled to better lives the way it is remised in the Declaration of Independence. “We hold these truths to be self- evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their Just powers from the consent of the governed. ” This states that it is America’s obligation to help immigrants, regardless if they entered legally or illegally; we should be helping them since the Declaration is the foundation of our country ND it is our tradition that we help those people. Notably, there are people who value being in America and take advantage in a positive aspect of what there is in this country.

Considering the many illegal immigrants that only benefit from what America has to offer, there are also many illegal immigrants who give to America in ways more than one. For example, I have a close friend who is an undocumented immigrant who values being able to live in America. He takes each day to be able to give back; teaching children at the local recreation center how to swim and how to appreciate what they have. At the high school that I graduated from, my friend is the Valedictorian and he set an example for my entire class. In his words, “We should strive to be the epitome of perfect.

Anything is possible if we put our minds to it. Be humble towards everything because l, an undocumented immigrant, am stripped of having the same opportunities that a documented immigrant has. However, I’m able to appreciate what I have opposed to what a documented immigrant has. ” In the whether it may be a small or monumental act of appreciation. In addition, illegal immigrants work the Jobs that we refuse to. Though this does create conflict within illegal and legal immigrants/citizens, illegal are portraying what we should be doing, working hard and appreciating what is given.

This is an excellent way for us to rebuild or even to optimize our country productivity and to pay off the deficit that we are currently in. Furthermore, illegal immigrants take shelter in the U. S knowing the social and financial lives that they will endure opposed to their chances in Mexico. Though, they are restricted from having the same privileges as a documented immigrant, the illegal immigrants take their chances because the living intuitions in Mexico is unbearable.

Urea creates a vivid image of the unique struggle that the Mexicans encounter; with the financial struggle and corrupt government that overrules their province, you can see why they come into the country illegally. Without the proper medical care for the elderly and the gruesome living conditions, it is evident that we must allow these illegal immigrants access to our country without striping them of rights that a typical individual has. Again, it is simply in the foundation of the U. S to protect and provide for those that cannot protect and provide for themselves.

Hence, illegal immigration should not be an issue since the reason behind it involves the benefit of the country that harbors the immigrants and so that In summation, illegal immigration is crucial in ways of helping America and for the self-benefit of the immigrants. Due to illegal immigration, legal workers’ pay experienced an increase, and the illegal immigrants are able to eat healthier foods as well as have better opportunities. America is the country that protects and provides for people of other countries that go through their own unique struggle.

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