An Analysis of Coming into Language

Coming Into Language Abaca tells in his poem “Coming into Language” that he is faced with many problems in his life, including one in particular poverty. Poverty shapes the life of Abaca, like a potter with clay, and made him the writer he is today. This however doesn’t Just affect Abaca, but people all over the world. So much that 80% of the world is affected by it and thousands of people die each die because of it. Poverty is much bigger than lack of money; it leads to depression, high school drop outs, and even an impact on the brain.

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It has the effect of pulling an all-nightmare every day’, because of this people in poverty tend to make worse choices than those doing well. The effect is even greater to those who come from different ethnic backgrounds. The way it works is people in poverty tend to focus on ideas like; will I be able to pay the bills, will I have food, what if I am fired, people are going to make fun of me, and even more, that they don’t focus on what they need to be doing or what is happening, which is what leads to so many teens dropping out of high school.

Abaca was a Chicane raised in poverty faced with many hardships in life which lead him to dropping out of high school. Though that didn’t make his poems and stories any worse, instead it made them better. In Abacas poems and stories poverty is what made his poems more relatable and brilliant, because he wasn’t focusing on cars or possessions, but more of how he felt and what his passions are. This brought out who Abaca was and how he saw the world around him, leaving him to make many amazing poems with a lot of metaphors.

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