An Analysis of Citizen Kane

An Analysis of Citizen Kane For those who have never seen an old film in its entirety, Citizen Kane makes for a good one to start with. For two and a half hours Arson Wells takes one through the life Journey of Charles Kane. The overall theme of this movie is that one simply cannot control everything around them and Wells exemplifies that through his character Kane. The character Kane started life in poverty and ended it in wealth. Throughout his whole life he attempted to control everything around him and every aspect of his life.

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Such as in the beginning of the movie where young Charles finds out he will no longer be living with his mother. Charles meets the man that he is being sent off with, kicks him, and tries to run away. He thinks that by those actions he will be able to stay with his parent’s. Moving along to when Kane is an adult, his mannerisms in trying to control his environment are more evident. At first Kane is capable of this. His guardian tells him to settle down and take control of his businesses but instead opts to run a newspaper. Kane does this because his goal is to help the people and let them know what is really happening in America.

His tactic, however, is really to gain the trust of the people in order to win power of them albeit he may have good intentions. That is the theme of the movie; that he exudes, or tries to, his power over people because he thinks he knows what’s best for them. The reason the relationship with his ex wife went sour was because he tried to control her. She liked to sing but he saw it as, “her dream is to be a famous singer and make a profession out of it. ” He loved her so much that he thought he knew what was the absolute best for her, never taking into consideration or bothering to ask what she really wanted or how she ally felt.

This is because Kane “contained” all the power and he never needed to answer to or ask anyone about anything. His affliction with power is what drove the people closest to him away. He was too focused and concerned with what he thought was good for everyone. He did not pay close enough attention to the immediate happenings in front of him. The plot of Citizen Kane makes you think. From the initial “rosebud” scene it has you analyzing many aspects of the movie in order to figure out the question, “What is rosebud? ” It is a good plot because the answer is not revealed until the very end.

It is dramatic irony at its finest because the whole movie, all two and a half hours are dedicated to the answer of that question and none of the characters find out. In the end it is only the audience to whom the answer is revealed. The music at the start of the film is a bit spooky and has a mysterious whim about it. The way that the camera is close-up on the gate is also something to let the viewer know that something is being kept from them. That there is a mystery and the viewer will need to pay close attention to decipher what is going on, the purpose of what’s

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