American idiot

American which, George W. Bush was the president of America at that point. It’s very likely that American Idiot is the metaphor for president Bush. The title of the song may appear to be offensive to Americans, but the lyrics are a lot more than Just calling Americans an idiot. The song starts by basically talking about how America is now a nation where media controls the way people think, in which, Americans are subs being brainwashed.

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This so by providing hysterical information about the war as well as using propaganda. Although the writer believes that the media is nothing but a biased propaganda, he eels that it’s not only the media that is causing people to become brainwashed. He feels that it’s the people themselves that are the reason why we’re so easily convinced. We believe and rely on everything that the media says, which often causes people to become someone who they’re not. This is killing individuality in America.

The writer views individuality as a positive thing, so he says, “We’re not the ones where meant to follow’ in order to promote and embrace individuality. In the second verse, the writer talks about being a fagged, and how he’s not part of the redneck’s agenda. This can be seen in two different perspectives. The first perspective of this can be seen as the writer being rebellious and saying that he doesn’t believe in the typical redneck’s way of thinking that homosexuality is not okay.

The other perspective can be seen as that he’s being a dissent and doesn’t want war to happen, so he’s considering himself as a “fagged” rather than being a typical redneck’s that often enjoys violence. On this verse, the writer talks about people easily being convinced by propaganda, which is causing paranoia. The writer wrote this song not only to criticize Americans, but also to let Americans know that not everything they hear is true, even w

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