American History Paper

American History Paper In the story, “American History’ by Judith Rotor Coffer, a girl named Elena lived in Paterson, New Jersey in an apartment known as El Building. Her life consists of her getting bullied at school, loving to read, staring at the old Jewish people’s house, and especially having a huge crush on a boy named Eugene. Throughout the whole story all Elena thinks about is Eugene and how she wants to be with him forever.

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She then starts to have a mental relationship with him and his life and starts to create a dream world that consist of her a Eugene being together. But later in the story, Elena gets turned down by Genus’s mom and she then basically losses everything she ever wanted which was Eugene. The lesson she learned was not to get attached to things because once it’s gone then a person’s life can change from good to worse. In the story Elena believes Eugene is the one for her and that they have so much in common.

They both are very intelligent, get bullied a lot at school, and also Elena likes him because “… He sat at the kitchen table and read books for hours. ” Another reason Elena likes him is the fact that she was his only friend and that no one else talked to him. Elena would daydream about her and Eugene being together and living in the old Jewish people’s house and “… Sit at the kitchen table with Eugene like two adults, like the old man and his wife had done, maybe drink some coffee and talk about books. Elena starts to create this attachment or connection with Eugene and creates this dream world with Eugene in it. She doesn’t relies or thinks something bad would happen between them but soon learns near the end of the story. Around the end of the story, Elena goes to visit Eugene at his house to study and encounters Genus’s mom at the front door. Elena asks to come in but Genus’s mom urns her down and says, “… Eugene doesn’t want to study with you. He is a smart boy. Doesn’t need help… E won’t be in this place much longer, no need for him to get close to people-it’ll Just make it harder for him later. ” After this Elena feels broken, hurt, and cries because she some she was so attached to was now gone. Elena learned the hard way from what happened to her. She was so attached to Eugene that when his mother turned her down she was so mortified. She should have realized that getting to attached to him would then cause problems and basically cause issues in her life. Erythrocyte By Marcus-Mathew

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