Alienation: Capitalism and People

So, why a worker would care about the product and it’s benefits for other people when none will pay him or her for it? Workers are doing their Jobs and got money for it, and the only thing they care about is how to be promoted in order to start getting more money. That factor makes people “alienated”. Due to not having enough power to change anything in the production process and make the product better for the human sake, during the time, people Just stopped thinking about society wealth and became more selfish.

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Working conditions and technology are closely connected tit the concept of “alienation”. I would like to start with current working conditions of the majority of workers all over the world. Currently, employers mostly care about the profits, and not only employers but the majority of people all over the world. That is why working conditions is not an important thing to spend money for. It shows that capitalists do not care about their employees, they treat people who work for them as a source of labor but not like other humans who are making them wealthier.

This who are richer then they are. Along with the anger, it goes complete apathy towards their Jobs. More than that, technology, also, influence alienation, but another kind of alienation- the isolation workers from other workers. Due to a big kind of inventions and wide spread of them many people lost their Jobs and have been changed by machines. As a result workers who left started to work with computers and other machines instead of dealing with other humans. It caused the reduction of the communication between people who work at the same place every single day.

Less people communicate with each other cause them to become isolated and reduce the need in communication and, also, they stop taking care of people who are around them and become more selfish. To crown it all, Karl Marx clearly defined one of the most significant problems of our society which has been mostly caused by capitalism. Capitalistic state of mind and technology inventions makes people isolated from each other. People start forgetting that all of us are humans and all together we form the human society and in order to keep this society healthy we should treat other people he way any human deserve it.

Value of money has risen and people start “decaying” due to losing the value of true feelings like: friendship, love, compassion etc. In my opinion no one can not do anything about alienation problem today because it is a sickness which is widely spread in the head of the majority of humans. The ones who can heal our society are people who form it. We need to become more humanistic and start to evaluate happiness not only by the amount of money in the bank account.

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