Adding Home Economic As A Class

Delonda Robinson December 12, 2013 10th Lit/Comp. Writing Essay Dear Dr. Murray, What do you think of when you hear the term “home economics”? Perhaps the term conjures up the image of dutiful girls learning how to cater to the needs of their future husbands. A throwback to the 1950s, home economics may seem to have no bearing on the lives of young people in the twenty-first century. These days, however, home economics is a subject that not only goes by some new names Life- Management Education, Work and Family Studies, or Family and Consumer Sciences ut also has generated some new attitudes.

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More and more, people of all ages are realizing that home economics teaches vital skills, skills that are valuable to both boys and girls. It’s time for our school to adopt this new attitude. We should offer home economics courses and encourage every student to enroll in them. The most important reason for expanding our curriculum in this area is that everyone, both male and female, is a potential homemaker. As Nick Rhoton, the 1993 president of he Future Homemakers of America, has said, “Home economics isn’t Just a class; it shows how to live in your society. Social and economic trends make it increasingly likely that both partners in a marriage will hold Jobs and will participate in running the home. If and when we become parents, we will all appreciate the chance we had in school to take courses in child care, nutrition, family finances, and communication skills. Single people with no partner to help them will depend even more on knowing the basics of home management. Another reason to support this curriculum change is that it will educate both boys and girls about possible career opportunities.

For example, knowing how to fix lunch for a group of toddlers is a step toward finding a job in day care. A course in child development might spark a student’s ambition for a career in psychology. Fact economics courses also are a starting point for careers in the fashion industry, in the home furnishings industry, or in the culinary arts. Because they often teach financial planning skills like budgeting, home economics ourses also play a role in preparing students for careers in business.

Finally, knowing more about home economics subjects can make students’ everyday lives fuller and more fun. Consider, for example, some of the applications of basic design principles. Learning Just a little more about color combinations can help students to coordinate their rooms, as well as their wardrobes. At my old middle school Chapel Hill Middle kids claimed that their home economics class is “cool. ” One student said that his home economics class is the most satisfying of all his classes because he nows he will use the skills he is learning.

It is important for students to enjoy their classes and to learn skills they find helpful. Home economics classes are providing that opportunity for students at Henry W. Grady and they could have a similar effect the schools is in everyone’s interest. These classes not only are vital to the future of all students but also open doors too many different career opportunities and students enjoy them. Write the school board today to express your support for courses in home economics

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