Addiction Essay

An addiction starts with liking something and turns into something we can’t give up even if it’s bad for us. It can all start with smoking Just “one” cigarette, taking “one” drink, or doing a drug Just “one” time. People try things thinking it will only be a onetime thing until they end up liking it. Addictions all start with discovering something you didn’t know about or use before and instantly or grow to like. Some things people like so much that they feel they can’t get enough of it or can’t live without it. Addiction relates to a pattern of usage in substance, event, or other doings that must be done.

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Addictions are dependence or craving that we relieve by using substance or things to make feel better. There are different levels of addictions or dependencies that can occur. Light dependence would be something that people use or do daily to make them feel better and go on about their day. Stronger dependence can cause pain to people or make them feel they can’t function without taking or doing something. People don’t take into consideration that one little choice that may seem harmless can change their entire life.

It’s important to think things through and realize what could become of trying something legal or not that could harm you or that you could become addicted to. Some people wake up in the morning and start their day off with an orange Juice one day and a tea the next day. Other people wake up and have to have coffee before they can even take a shower or feel like they can function at all. Sounds like an addiction right? Well Coffee isn’t considered an addiction, but more of a habit. There is a huge difference between a habit and an addiction.

A habit is something that a errors chooses to do every day or how ever often they want to or feel it’s necessary. When you have a habit it’s Just something that you like doing and continue to do. It may feel like it’s an addiction because you become use to doing it all the time and may feel like it’s something that you are addicted to. There’s a difference between having a habit and being addicted to something. When you have a habit you don’t have to do or use whatever it may be that you have a habit of its Just something you like.

When you are addicted its no longer a choice to do so any more it’s like your odd is telling you that you have to have or do something to properly function the rest of the day. Addictions become medical like issues peoples bodies can shut down and not function without a substance because of addictions. There is a mental or physical condition involved in having an addiction unlike having a habit. There are different ways to treat different addictions. When trying to treat any type of addiction the most important thing is to remain focused and stay committed to the treatments.

Steps to treatment can be different depending on the level of addiction or type of addiction you have. Some treatments are out patient treatments now before it gets any worse and then you are released the same day to resume with your daily life. There are also impatient treatments where patients are to come reside at a facility while being treated. Most inpatient treatments are to focus on getting sober and being sure you stay that way. The normal treatment for inpatient is therapy and educational sessions. While patients go through treatments living in a facility they are watched closely so they can t use whatever they are addicted to.

Some patients aren’t done after going the drug so they have to be detected as well. Detoxification is being with drawing the substance from your body so you no longer need it to function. It’s recommended to try counseling before treatment groups if your addiction isn’t to the point where you need medications. Counseling can be individual or group which ever you prefer to attend or feel more comfortable with. Behavior therapists will help with ways to cope with drug cravings and suggest ways to avoid usage. There are many side effects to detoxification if it comes down that.

The point is to get the patient to quit using the substance as quick as possible with the least amount of side effects. In some cases they have to continue to use a substance and slowly decreased the amount used with the help of a prescription drug. The major side effects are loss of sleep and being depressed. Everyone’s side effects or level of them are different. Though there are ways to treat addictions the main thing we realize is addiction can be avoided to begin with. Knowing how dangerous illegal drugs and substances are is the start of staying clear of addiction.

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