ABSTRACT We the researcher conduct this study due to the people who’s losing money only to be beautiful and to lose their acnes in buying cosmetic products. Its aim to create a product of orange peel mask which is cheaper and could give the same effect in losing acne which the commercial one could give through cosmetic products. Cosmetic products are important thing to be beautiful and to prevent skin problem like acnes. And one natural product for losing acnes is the orange peel mask. Determining the effectiveness of orange peel mask is the main goal of the study.

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Orange peel toss in the garbage by many of us can help our skin to clean it up by extracting dirt from deep inside the pores. It has Vitamin C which helps to add a glowing shine to our skin and Calcium which contributes in renewing worn out skin cells. INTRODUCTION Our experiment is about the effectiveness and benefits of orange peel mask in our lives. We use the orange peels as a mask. Not only the extract of orange peel will be used, we mixed other substance like honey, milk, and water to be more effective. Our product is the cheapest way but very effective way to lose acne without losing a bulk of money. EXP. DESIGN

MATERIALS orang peel mask milk honey water PROCEDURE Dry an orange peel out in the sun and grind it to a powder. This should take 24 to 48 hours, depending upon the humidity in your area. You can place the peels in the sun to decrease the drying time. Crush the peels into a powder once they are dry by placing them into a shallow bowl and using a flat meat tenderizer or the back of a large spoon. Press the orange peels into the bottom of the bowl until they create powder. Or, place them in your blender or food processor and pulse until they turn into powder. Use a stainer to strain any large pieces that are left in the powder.

Mix 1 or 2 tbsp. of the orange peel powder with equal parts of either milk or honey. Add water when needed to reach a good consistency. PROCESS Apply the paste to your entire face, except for your lips and eyelids and allow it to dry. Remove the mask gently with water and a soft cloth after 30 minutes. EXPECTED OUTCOME This will help the 10 person that were going to experiment to lose their pimples. COLLECTION OF DATA Were going to record the result every after one week until one month ends to see the effect of the mask. ABSTRACT FOR ORANGE PEEL MASK By welhelminasakuren

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