World History II Age of Absolutism Pros and Cons to Absolutism Directions: Complete the graphic organizer found on my aboard and email your response to me or turn in for full credit. Answers also must be supported with specific, accurate and relevant evidence to receive full credit. With this task now complete, do you feel that absolute rule is the right way to run a country during this time, or does it Just not work and only leads to more lasting problems?

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Respond with Just a one paragraph response, focusing on either the pros or cons that were in the graphic organizer Response: An absolute rule is the worst form of government during this time. The cons certainly outweigh the pros and it is possible the country may be destroyed because of one single ruler. An absolute ruler is given a profuse amount of power and has many decisions to make. He is solely responsible for a large mass of people. Too much power may go to the person’s head, setting the country up for disaster.

The people have very little say in all aspects of the country. They most likely will not be able to practice the religion they want nor vote on any legislative acts. In this case, an unfair punishment may be placed upon someone that is accused of a crime that he or she has not even committed. The ruler may also favor a certain group of people making everyone unequal in the country. Overall an absolute ruler can change a country for the negative in many ways.

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