ABE Lincoln famous man

Famous Abe Abraham Lincoln, aka honest Abe was born February 12th 1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky. He married Mary Todd Lincoln, and together they had four children; Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward “Eddie” Baker Lincoln, William “Willie” Wallace Lincoln and Thomas “Tad” Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the United States in 1861. Leading up to Lincolns election a law was passed called the Kansas- Nebraska act, allowing states to vote whether they wanted to be a slave state or not. Abraham Lincoln was a big impact on this which leads to him getting elected.

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Meanwhile, getting Lincolns career started In 1832 he created a campaign for the Whig Party, which was improving navigation on the Sangamon River. Then, while Lincoln was in office according to www. biography. com “Abraham Lincoln responded to the crisis wielding powers as no other present before him, He distributed $2 million from the Treasury for war material without an appropriation from Congress; he called for 75,000 volunteers into military service without a declaration of war; and e suspended the writ of habeas corpus, arresting and imprisoning suspected Confederate sympathizers without a warrant.

Crushing the rebellion would be difficult under any circumstances, but the Civil War, with its preceding decades of white-hot partisan politics, was especially onerous. From all directions, Lincoln faced disparagement and defiance. He was often at odds with his generals, his Cabinet, his party and a majority of the American people”. As you can see Abraham Lincoln was n uprising change in not only the government and war but the futures of the American citizens.

Another achievement Abraham is known for is the Gettysburg Address. , one of the most famous speeches till this day. In Abrahams 4 years of presidentary he has become one of the most known accomplishing, devoted, and fair presidents out of all. His last day of office was April 1 5th,1865 when he was assassined . Lincoln left behind a great deal of knowledge and change for the nation along with a very famous quote. ” A house divided cannot stand “

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