A supernatural author

Coleridge: A Supernatural Author All literary freedom started with two men. These two are known all around the world. One of them was literally a genius because of his approach to literature but his real reputation comes from his ability to break chains of conservative customs and to create a new movement. The other one was actually more eccentric than the founding father of a new movement and era which is called Romanticism. I underlined the word eccentric because he believed an idea which had no place in motto of Romanticism.

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This eccentric but on the other hand genius man’s name is Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Before talking about his idea which is incompatible to Romanticism, let’s look his at his attributes as a contrast creator. Coleridge said a poet shouldn’t use common language because it leads simplicity and vulgarism. But the main question which we should ask ourselves is why he valued aesthetic so much? Because he was an aristocrat who rose in highborn style and elevated language, sadly old habits are not easily forgotten especially if you born in them…

He praised elevated style because according to him common language was not a proper device which enriches a literary text. As all earthlings know, Romanticism was a ovement that rejected the ways of aristocracy with all its discriminating devices and industrial revolution with all its materialistic practices. Coleridge as a member of Romanticism shouldn’t defend this ideal of neo-classicism which is source of his denials. This stand of his, confuses readers and as a reader I find it disturbing too.

But he was not perfect as all men weren’t and this speech is tolerable if we consider his qualities of choosing themes and topics of literary work. I like his ideas about using supernatural elements in literature. With the absence of metaphysical and intangible themes life is not worth living. The realities of life are Just unbearable and a good conducted poetry about a supernatural creature which sucks of its victims might lighten up someone’s day.

Humanity has tendency to play with concepts and a good start with supernatural things may lead a creative mind beyond its borders. If we look deep enough, I’m sure genres like science-fiction, psychedelic arts, post- modernism originated from same root which is I believe supernatural themes. As an author Coleridge was right about encouraging the use of supernatural themes although I criticize him because of his approach to common masses and his blabbering about elevated language. For summarizing my ideas, I will give an example from the work of a great author, H.

G. Wells. He wrote novels which are marvellous and created a scientific world which inspired many scientist and authors. Maybe the inventor of long-awaited time machine will be inspired by his famous novel “Time Machine”. I’m sure I draw a cause and effect sequence about why supernatural elements are important in literature. Coleridge was right to encourage future generations to write abstract and possibly superstitious topics because “Supernatural” gave birth many good genres, especially sci-fi. A supernatural author By bluesbender

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