A Personal Experience But Lesson Well Learned

Nibbling It’s always a lesson well taught when you learn on your own. Doing something new is always a great experience especially when it came to me. Being that it was my first year at Stratford High School I decided to play basketball and I remember it like it was yesterday. It wasn’t my first time playing basketball but my first time playing on a team. When basketball season came along, I decided to get in shape and get fit playing a sport. Although I was chunky I did well.

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I tried out for freshman girls’ basketball because I finally worked up the courage to play. I tried out for both freshman and JP teams. Although I made both teams, my coaches placed me on the freshman team. Playing basketball, I stayed both healthy and I was fit to be a chunky kid. To my coaches’ surprise, I actually played better with the older girls. I had three coaches and they were: Coach Jeremy, Coach Myers, and Coach Managua. Although it was my first year, I still had things to learn even though I got down the basic steps in he game.

I also quickly caught along with the position I played, and everyone else’s. Seeing that I had a little experience I was apart of the starting five. The most Vive ever played basketball with a team was in the 6th grade at American Way Middle Basketball try-outs. They really believed in me and with their support I started to believe in myself. Upon the opening season, I got really nerves and didn’t want to play anymore. Playing in the first game, I begin to think to myself I don’t want to play anymore and with my mind on something different I dropped the ball every time.

I had to get out the game and that uniform because it started to seem to me that I’m not fit out to play. At the beginning of the season, I had to quit the team knowing it wasn’t going to be easy. At the time it was only 7 people on the team and the other two players were point guards and shooting guards so they didn’t know my position. I wanted to leave so bad because I was scared of being embarrassed and I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that I was on a team playing.

After the game, I talked to coach Jeremy about me leaving the team and some how he talked me into staying on the team Talking to coach Jeremy, he told the team and wanted me to talk to the team. Talking to the girls on the team, I found out how they really felt about me being on the team. They really wanted me on the team because without me it wouldn’t feel right. Every one had talked me into staying on the team which I did. They told me I had nothing to worry about because we were a family and family helps each other out.

Our season turned out pretty good with everyone still on the team and getting their playing time in. I decided to stay on the team. Even though I thought I was going to be free of everything I really wasn’t. Challenges involving basketball Just kept coming back to knock me down but I took hold of the situation and throw it back. With love and effort the team did well. As a team, we fought like sisters and that was an always. The funny part about it was that we would argue over crazy things like: nicknames, who would ride in the front seat, or who get what snack at the end of the name.

We made the season our best even though we had more lost over wins. But the biggest part about it was that I stayed on the team and we helped each other out. Stop trying. At the end of the season we all got together and played our very last game the best we could. We almost won the last game of the season but we lost by two-points. I learned something that day, and that is to get over your fears and let others help. Move forward because there’s always some thing waiting at the other end of the court for you.

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