A gift for my mother

A Gift for My Mother The story is about a ten-year-old girl named Lucy, whose parent’s are separated and doesn’t have money enough to fulfill their dreams. The father works at a garage, which isn’t enough for the family to live on, and he’s getting confronted with that all the time even though he’s giving all he have earned, to his family. In the start Lully’s parent’s are discussing right in front of her, which make Lucy confused because she’s 10 years old and doesn’t yet understand what the big deal is, being poor.

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The main character, Lucy, tells the story, which meaner it’s a 1st person narrator. That meaner, that she can only see things from her own point of view, and can therefore only observe the other characters from the outside. At page 9 in the top, is an example: “Next day after school I went around the back of the supermarket and searched for a box in the yard. ” In the sentence appears “l” and she explains about her own action.

The narrator is very describing about every action she goes through, for example at page 9: “l was reaching over a clump of blackjacks to cut off their flowers and they scattered their tiny black spikes on my T-shirt and shorts when I potted my first fame lily, its Www sweptback petals bright red at the top and yellow at he bottom exactly as if it was on fire. ” It seems like Lucy is all confused about the whole situation between her father and mother, because her mother let her confusions affect her.

Because the little girl doesn’t know whether to go left or right, she decides to make a surprise for her mother. Therefore, she picks up some beautiful flowers in the wilderness so that she can sell it in the neighborhood and earn money for her mother. It goes slightly easy or Lucy to sell the beautiful flowers and in less than an hour she have nothing left but five shillings and extra sixpence from a couple who’d bought three punches. Lucy earns the money with good intentions, but her mother doesn’t see it in the same way as the little girl does.

She didn’t want the neighbors – that Lucy had sold the flowers too – to think, that it was her, who had told Lucy to. Therefore she asks Lucy to bring the money back to them. It shows us, that the mother doesn’t want others to know, that she is poor. It’s a thing, which is reflected later in the text as well, when he tells Lucy, she have nothing to talk about with any of the people Lucy had sold the flowers to. As I have almost described, the story takes place in a neighborhood, which is very class distinction.

They might live in the middle class environment, but the family feels like they are in the working class almost near the underclass. The social environment isn’t described so much, but out of the story I can tell that the family doesn’t have many social competences, because the mother doesn’t want others to know she’s she might not have many social competences. Another spot, where it’s shown, that the family hasn’t many social competences, is the parent’s relationship to their daughter.

Lucy is very confused and would surely like her parent’s to get back together again or at least she wished they could communicate without having a discussion. But it seems like the mother is discontented about everything the father does. Even, when he in the middle of the first page, calls Lucy “my precious”, the mother says: “For God’s sake, it’s a wonder the child hasn’t grown up thinking her name was My precious”. It might be therefore the girl did, what she did. She wanted attention from her mother, especially, because she might didn’t thought she was getting attention enough.

But when all she did was trying to make her mother glad, all she gets is an outburst of anger. I think the stories main theme is, that it’s important to remember who you are, even though everything goes bad. You have to stay focused on how you treat others, because you might not think about the way you talk to your surroundings, could affect them in a bad way. And at last it’s important to tell your surroundings how much you care for them, instead of making them think they are doing everything wrong.

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