A Feasibility Study to Automate The School System

Polar encourages students with financial capabilities to enroll in private schools. Polar only accepts students with low-income parent’s but intellectually capable. Presently Polar has an MIS department that basically maintains all computer installations in the University especially the computers in the two computer laboratory rooms. There are more or less four Internet connections shared by offices in the university. There are only two personnel in the MIS department, one is the head and the other one is a computer technician.

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There is a proposal to automate the enrolment system but unfortunately, the budget for it is not yet allocated. The eve for automation was approved but the budget is still yet to be allocated. All the offices have computers with Internet connection but not connected locally. It nearness that there is no Intranet system installed. Moreover, there is no Wi-FL connectivity installed that can be availed by students. Since Polar is Local Government Unit, all legal aspects are referred to the Civil Service Code of the Philippines.

In the use of Information Technology, all legal aspects are referred to the e-commerce law of the Philippines and the anti-cyber crime law that was recently passed. Polar is funded by the City of Marking. All collections in the University is deposited in a bank account under the University’s name but controlled by the City Government. The Vice President for Financial services of the school monitors the financial activities of the University.

Budget preparation is done in the university level through the different departments then collated by the Finance department for submission to the Board of Trustees for approval. The approved budget is submitted to the city counsel for approval. The final approval will be coming from the Mayor of Marking. In proposing a School Automated system, there is a need to do cost/benefit analysis to estimate the total cost of the project. The cost analysis result will then be submitted to the Budget officer to be included in the Budget preparation for the next fiscal year.

This section will do the following: Inventory Ana appraise current Ana proposed unaware Ana steward Ana ten way It supports human interactions with technology Evaluate software by addressing the trade-offs among creating custom software, purchasing COTS software, and outsourcing to an application service provider Forecast tangible and intangible costs and benefits, and perform a cost-benefit analysis using cash-flow analysis method. : We are in the information age and the use of Information Technology is paramount to success in any organization.

We have to accept the fact that we cannot do away without computers. The image of a progressive organization is reflected on what kind of technology it is being utilized. Nowadays, if you are not considered “High-tech” then your image is considered conservative. Moreover, schools are also dealing with young people who are well versed in Information Technology applications. Information technology is a fast-changing technology and therefore, developing systems are no longer that expensive. Computer units are getting cheaper everyday with better technical specifications.

The government is advocating the use of CIT (Information-communications Technology) in its various operations and therefore local government units should also make use of this technology. In this light, it is strongly recommended that all operations in the Panamanian Eng Lungs Eng Marking be automated as soon as possible. The university is growing very rapidly in terms of the number of students and in the quality of education. The only drawback is there is no automated school system in place. To be progressive, change must happen and it should be

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