Energy Resource Plan

Energy Resource Plan
SCI 275
Energy Resource Plan
As a board member of the Home Owners Association, I want to discuss why energy conservation is important. The world??™s population is growing and the more the population increases, the more natural resources deplete. The world depends on foreign oil and people need to find alternative energy sources when that resource is cut off or prices are rise because of wars. No one knows how long these sources will last and how many generations will be able to survive using non-renewable resources. Energy consumption is increasing in developing countries also as their populations increase. Non-renewable source like fossil fuels and nuclear energy omit pollutions to the environment, which speeds up global warming. As home owners there is a way to reduce the amount of energy used and help to keep these resources around for a very long time.
Renewable recourses are natural resources like solar power, wind power, biomass, geothermal energy, and hydro power. These recourses are used to create electricity and heat homes and water. These resources are renewable because they can reproduce faster than humans can use them and will be around for a very long time. Non-renewable resources are natural resources also, but these sources are being used faster than nature can reproduce them to be used again. Fossil fuels like natural gas, petroleum, and coal, are non-renewable resources. Nuclear gas uses uranium and in also nonrenewable.
As members of the Home Owners Association every one can help to conserve energy and help the environment individually. Everyone should involve themselves in this conservation. I have a few tips to use at home. If a fireplace is present in the home the damper should be shut when not in use, so heat does not escape from the home. During the winter set the thermostat at 68 degrees or lower and during the summer at 78 degree or higher to conserve on heat and electricity. Another tip is to wash full loads of clothes in the washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher. Cold water should be used for these cycles. Carpooling is another way to save on gas and create less air pollution in the environment.
The government can also aid in the conservation efforts. Financing and contracting assistance like extensive research for energy products will help the conservation. The government could also hold training workshops and meetings with professionals to educate them on how to conserve energy within their companies and the government like GovEnergy. ???GovEnergy continues to foster education and encourage the best application of practices, products, and services as they relate to energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, and greenhouse gas management within the federal sector??? (GovEnergy, 2010). Monitoring drilling companies and factories to make sure they follow the rules and these companies are being energy efficient as possible. I think that renewable technologies should be creates and used worldwide to help lift the dependency on foreign oil and conserve and harness the energy resources that available locally.
Non-renewable resources will not be around forever if consumption keeps rising with the increase of the population. By conserving energy the use of non-renewable resources will decline and the environment will receive less pollution. Everyone can do their part no matter how small it may seem. Turning off the lights when no one is in the room, or unplugging the television when out of town conserves energy. The government can use funds and do research to develop ways to conserve energy and implement these methods in all communities. Many ways can be used to conserve energy individually and globally. Just remember one person??™s efforts can make a difference.

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