End to Hamlet


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Scene Description:

Hamlet convinces himself now is the time for him to confront Claudius about his father??™s death. Hamlet becomes agitated and angry at the attitude that Claudius display??™s and kill??™s him. Gertrude then becomes afraid of Hamlet and confesses that Claudius was his actual father and that she had lied to the previous king Claudius and Hamlet all that time. She also reveals that Claudius and herself were once in love before she forced to marry the King. Hamlet then kills Gertrude and becomes mad. Hamlet becomes the king of Denmark, although Horatio does not seem to glad about the idea.


Hamlet: the prince of Denmark is troubled and is confused. He wishes to avenge his fathers death but is afraid of the consequences.

Claudius: The king of Denmark Is overwhelmed by the guilt because he fears of Hamlet and his mental state. Claudius fears for his life and plans to kill Hamlet

Gertrude: The queen of Denmark is uneasy as she is in conflict with herself. She is not sure whether to tell Hamlet and Claudius the truth and reveal the lie she has kept from them for many years.

Horatio: Hamlet??™s best and most loyal friend begins to question Hamlet??™s decision and his sanity. Horatio thinks to himself that he may need to kill Hamlet himself in order to save his country.

Claudius: good morrow Hamlet,
thou should??™st??? be preparing for the duel with Laertres.

Hamlet: Marry, quoth ???I, not a whit.
Tis thee that I wish to take arms against.

Claudius: By my fay!

Hamlet: thou not guilty of thy actions
thy actions alone has led to this duel.

Claudius: silence hamlet!

Hamlet: Hark! thou know very well what thou art talking about prattler.
Dost thou not e??™en seek forgivness for thy sin

Gertrude: stop hamlet.

Hamlet: mother this man killed thy husband.

Claudius: Hamlet stop this.
thy behaviour is unacceptable, thou art cupshot.
Out upon thee sirrah

Hamlet: thy a murderer a villainous wretched king,
consumed by the will for power.
Thou poisonous crook-pated murderous coward!

Claudius: thy disrespect shall have thee dead.

Hamlet strikes Claudius

Gertrude screams

Gertrude: Hamlet! what hath thee wrought!
Thou have killed thy father,
thou have killed a man, forsooth.

Hamlet: a??™ is not my father and a??™ deserved to die.
He killed my true father,
thy husband and the rightful king of Denmark.

Gertrude: prithee. A??™ is thy father.
bear I could not to be with the king.
I was heavy, I wished of Claudius to kill him.
Sleeping the king was when Claudius came to him,
placed a drop of poison i??™ his ear and a??™ died.
Trouble to thee and to thy father I did not intend to bring dear hamlet.
Claudius became afraid of thee and o??™erwhelming for him the guilt was.
The truth would??™st??? been told to both, if thy father had not been killed.

Hamlet: t??™would be folly. thou art a knave, fie on thee!

Gertrude: I faith, tis true.

Hamlet: beshrew me. wherefore didn??™t thou tell me this before!
Wherefore have thee kept this to thouself without telling thy only son.

Gertrude: I was scared at what tis would do.
distressed you were after the kings death,
mayhaps thou would??™st??? become mad an I told thee the news.
I was concerned for thee.

Horatio enters and hides behind a wall

Hamlet: nay, thou only thought of thyself
and because of thy cautel my father lies dead upon the cold floor,
a bodkin thrust through his heart
and the warmth of my hand upon the grip.
My whole life thee lied to me,
how can I call thee my mother.
A murderer thou have wrought me.

Gertrude: Hamlet; I love thee.

Hamlet: thou loved me
you betrayed me and father.
madam hath not been a mother to be desired,
manipulated others thou have, for thy good.
Kill me and marry another man you may, thou hath deceived me.
Thy not my mother. Thou tottering deformed foul adulterer.

Horatio runs to stop Hamlet

Hamlet strikes Gertrude

Gertrude dies

Horatio: nay! thou have killed thy mother.

Hamlet: not a whit.
To save Denmark from deeper corruption I killed her.
I beseech you loyal fere,
drag the bodies far away from hither,
they must ne??™er be found let them rot together.

Horatio: aye, my lord.

Hamlet laughs

Hamlet: ah yes Thou art the king now
triumphant I feel to murder my parents
Denmark saved by my hands.
No longer the need to take arms against a sea of troubles.
For now I the king reign supreme.
The temptation to not be has passed.
Thus my conscience has saved me,
saved me from the undiscovered country
and the consummation that was to be wished.
I foreknow a future unencumbered by heartache.
Tis truly wondrous to be puissant.
To be endowed of such capability is gratifying

Horatio: But, my lord thy parents lie dead,
do you not care, or bear guilt

Hamlet: Aye, Horatio a murderer cannot be trusted,
adulterate the souls were of my parents
set in a pins fee there lives were.
Yore I believed my mother to be a virtuous queen,
yet a Corinth should??™s???st been appropriate for her home.
Hie! Horatio of with thy duty.
Thou hath to announce my parents death,
The throne of Denmark awaits me, till then Horatio, farewell.

Horatio: Fare ye well.

Exeunt Hamlet singing

Horatio: My dearest friend Hamlet is a murderer nonetheless,
his mother and father he has killed.
Madness has taken him and wrought him insane;
how am I to be loyal to a mad king.
The demise of Denmark is looming.
All is not well in the state of denmark


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