The Cuban Swimmer

report:The Cuban Swimmer  

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The Cuban Swimmer
Millions of immigrants flee to this county in search of the American dream. Whether that dream is success, wealth or happiness, it is the dream for something better than the life they have now. Throughout history, Cubans have come to the United States in search of a better life. The short story the Cuban Swimmer illustrates the reality of life as seen through spirituality, trials and tribulations, and love.
One of these realities of life is spirituality.

In the story The Cuban Swimmer the spirituality of the Suarez™s family is very strong. Spirituality has to do with bringing life and all its signs, under the guidance of the Spirit of God. For instance, when Aida and Abuela are at the side of the boat with their heads bowed down {crossing themselves} saying En el nombre del Padre, del Hijo y del Espiritu Santo amen (Sanchez-Scott 1278). Margarita also was looking for guidance under the spirit of god when she asking Santa Teresa Little Flower of God, pray for me¦ mother pray for me (1282). The spirituality of the freedom of a person may be marked by distress. With that begin said, there was a time in the story that the Suarez™s as a family individually prayed for nothing to happen to Margarita; therefore, when they thought she was dead she was really 50 yard from the finish line.
In addition to spirituality, trials and tribulations is another illustration on reality of life.

Throughout this short story the hardships that the Suarez™s family goes through is breath taking. One of the trials that they go through is the oil slick. When Eduardo says Rainbows on¦ Ay cono! Its an oil slick! You¦ stop the boat (1278). Margarita comes up covered in oil. Aida wanted to get her daughter out of the water. Whereas Eduardo says we can™t touch her. If we touch her, she™s disqualified (1279). So there is misfortunes and pain that come from this one scenario that happen in just about everyone™s life. Also another trail and tribulation that comes from this short story is when margarita wanted to give up. Margarita says Papi¦ papi¦ forgive me¦ the boat gets all silent (1284). She was ready to give up but, just like in life we have obstacles that may make us want to quit. It™s the indomitable spirit that us from doing just that.
Finally, one of the major realities of life is love. Love is found in all kind of ways. It is found when Aida and Eduardo were yelling at each other and Eduardo says to Aida I took you so we could be married (1281). He loved her so much that he took her to America against Aida™s father™s permission. Reason being is because Aida father did not think that Eduardo was good enough for Aida. There is also much love that found with Eduardo and Margarita. When Eduardo thought he lost Margarita he cries out to the heavens and says God, take me, not my children. They are my dreams, my illusions¦ (1286). Eduardo puts so much of his love into his daughter to try to make her the best. The Suarez family as a whole has a deep rooted love between them all. Just like in a majority of families that come from other parts of the world to come to the U.S. to make a better life for their families.

In conclusion, Milcha Sanchez-Scott did a great job with the reality of this short story. The story was very life like. The spirituality, trials and tribulations, and love all added to the realness to make this short story a memorable one.


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